Catch ‘em all with this Pokémon Ultra Ball Replica

The Ultra Ball is the latest in the Wand Company’s line of Poké Ball Replicas

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Any wannabe Pokémon trainer needs a Poké Ball to catch their collection of creatures in and the Wand Company’s new Pokémon Ultra Ball Replica will do just the trick. The premium quality and highly accurate replica model is the ultimate Poké souvenir for any collector, its engineered metal shell painted black and yellow just like the best of the ‘basic’ line of Poké Balls.

While the Ultra Ball Replica isn’t a toy, it does have some fun features. The surface is sensitive to touch and proximity and will light up the button in the middle when your hand is near it. That button can also be illuminated by pressing it, with it changing colour as if you’ve been on a real Pokémon catching mission.

Pokemon Ultra Ball

The presentation case, too, puts on its own light show with multi-coloured lights shining under the Ultra Ball when the case is opened. Those lights can also be controlled by touching the metal plaque on the case. If you’d rather display the replica out of the box, it also comes with a polished stainless steel ring so you can show it off securely wherever you like.

Beautifully finished and with some top tech touches, the Pokémon Ultra Ball Replica is a brilliant addition to any collection – just don’t go throwing it any imaginary Pokémon.

BUY NOW: £99.99