What’s On Your Liberty Air 2 Pro? #4: Miles Noir

In partnership with Soundcore

To celebrate the recent arrival of Soundcore’s next generation of wireless earbuds, the Liberty Air 2 Pro, we here at NME have partnered with the team at Soundcore to find out what music is keeping us all going as we continue to bravely embrace 2021. 

The first three editions of our special What’s On Your Liberty Air 2 Pro? series have featured rising artist afterboy and NME’s own Hannah Mylrea and Thomas Smith.

This week we conclude the What’s On Your Liberty Air 2 Pro? series with the independent artist Miles Noir, who tell us which artists and records he’s been listening to on his Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds this month.

Miles Noir


Liberty Air 2 Pro
Miles Noir wearing Soundcore’s Liberty Air 2 Pro

I’m currently listening to…

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak (AKA Silk Sonic) – ‘Leave The Door Open’

The soulful and rich sounds of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s brand new music
marriage ‘Silk Sonic’ is exactly what 2021 needed. The smooth, sensual vibes of ‘Leave The Door Open’ dance around your eardrums as you listen, swimming around your soul. Its throwback feel is a refreshing taste; both artists complementing one other perfectly like a smoky malt whisky and ice.

The song makes you want to move, makes you crave the experience of seeing and hearing music live again. It takes you on a ride through time, drawing on influences from the 60’s and 70’s but still sounding fresh. In a world full of TikTok songs, the authenticity, artistry and ageless sound of this track is very welcome to my ears. I’ll be leaving the door open for more…

The artist who helps me unwind…

Mac Miller

Mac Miller was an artist whose life was tragically cut short in 2018 at the age of 26, a month after he released his fifth studio album ‘Swimming’. Another Mac album, ‘Circles’, was later released posthumously in 2020. These two albums can take you to another planet: the mellow, poignant sounds sit beautifully atop an honest and open look at a mid-20s man making his way through life. Sit back, unwind and enjoy the music.

The best feature of the Liberty Air 2 Pro…

The sound quality of these earbuds is unmatched. They are classy, easy to use and the accompanying Soundcore app enhances the listening experience so much more than any other headphones out there.

The song that makes me hopeful for the future…

Sam Cooke – ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’

One of the greatest songs of all time, one of the greatest vocals of all time and one of the greatest messages of all time. A change is gonna come.

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