10 Sports Stars Who Tried To Launch Music Careers

Barcelona footballer Dani Alves recently took time out from bombarding down his team’s right flank to record the sprightly single, ‘Eres Especial’ (‘You’re Special’). Performing alongside former teammate Jose Pinto and singer Mario Baro, the video sees the Brazilian unveiling his questionable rapping skills and, thus, instantly joining a long and mostly undistinguished list of sports stars who have attempted to make their way in the music industry.

In fairness to Alves, the song was recorded for charity, which more than justifies its silliness. But not all professional athletes can attribute their own forays into making music to such noble causes. Maybe it’s ego, or the misguided confidence that comes with having tens of thousands of people chanting your name every week. Whatever the motivations, there have been plenty of examples of recording artists who first made their name in sport, and they range from the credible to the downright cringy. For better or worse, here’s 10 of the most memorable.