14 Spectacularly Entertaining Bands You Should Follow On Facebook

Bands and artists are usually pretty zzzz on Facebook but occasionally they post stuff outside of tour dates and new songs. We’ve rummaged through the lot to find a few you should definitely keep an eye on.



<a href= Slaves"/>
Slaves / Facebook
Attention, bands! You needn't just use Facebook as a dreary tool for promoting gigs and new releases – so let's take a look at the finest social networkers out there. First up is Slaves, who are kind enough to keep us all updated with tales of inappropriate use of food and their taste in pants.

2Tyler, The Creator

<a href=Tyler, The Creator"/>
Tyler The Creator / Facebook
Tyler, The Creator
The Odd Future man's got the knack for making his fans feel like they're really part of his inner circle, from asking everyone what their favourite albums are to posting new tracks and gathering feedback.


<a href=Diplo"/>
Diplo / Facebook
Hats off to Diplo who doesn't try to disguise just how stoked he was to meet Mad Men hero Jon Hamm. Let's be honest: who wouldn't want to pose for a photo with Don Draper?


<a href=MIA"/>
MIA / Facebook
A lot more motivating than the usual empowering gubbins you see posted on Facebook, right? All hail pop's finest rebel MIA.

5Kele Okereke

<a href=Kele Okereke"/>
Kele Okereke / Facebook
Kele Okereke
One of the best things about following your favourite artists on Facebook is when they share their own music obsessions with you. Some of the finest tips come from Kele Okereke: he's a man who'll seriously improve your music collection.

6The Cribs

<a href=The Cribs"/>
The Cribs / Facebook
The Cribs
Turn back time with the Jarman brothers! For all your nostalgic needs, The Cribs are perfect for posting old gawky photos.

7Swim Deep

<a href=Swim Deep"/>
Swim Deep / Facebook
Swim Deep
For vicarious thrills, you could do much worse than keeping up to date with Swim Deep on Facebook: they post amazing photos from their tours which are perfect if you want a glimpse of life on the road without having to sleep in a rubbish tour bus.


<a href=Klaxons"/>
The Klaxons / Facebook
One of the best things about Klaxons has always been that they're essentially toddlers trapped in men's bodies. Our favourite example is when they posted a series of pictures of them having fun on a slide. Never grow up, chaps.

9Dolly Parton

<a href=Dolly Parton"/>
Dolly Parton / Facebook
Dolly Parton
Who doesn't love Dolly Parton? Not only is she a total legend, she's also a hero for posting old photos online.

10Kiran Leonard

<a href=Kiran Leonard"/>
Kiran Leonard / Facebook
Kiran Leonard
Sometimes, artists cancel gigs with the most mealy-mouthed of excuses. Kiran Leonard, though, doesn't bother with such pish: check out his dissertation-length explanation for one of his gigs being scrapped above.

11Bishop Nehru

<a href=Bishop Nehru"/>
Bishop Nehru / Facebook
Bishop Nehru
Well, that's a bit more impressive than a snap of a bog-standard street, isn't it? Rapper Bishop Nehru doesn't go for conventional gubbins.

12Deap Vally

<a href=Deap Vally"/>
Deap Vally / Facebook
Deap Vally
The best hellraisers in rock bring the larks to Facebook: here they are sandwiching Robert Plant courtesy of some photoshop magic.

13Palma Violets

<a href=Palma Violets"/>
Palma Violets / Facebook
Palma Violets
That's a novel way to sell a festival performance, eh? You can always rely on Palmas to keep things interesting.


<a href=Haim"/>
Haim / Facebook
Come on, it's Haim: Alana's a two-time winner of the prestigious Best Twitter prize at the NME Awards, so it's little surprise the trio are such good value on Facebook.