15 Amazing Outfits Worn By Prince

Prince has died. One of the most iconic figures of recent times, The Purple One left his mark on music, film, fashion and pretty much every other area of pop culture. This gallery focuses on the amazing clothes he chose to dress himself in. From the effortlessly cool to the completely outrageous, here are the best of the bunch.


Sporting that ever popular ‘chain-mail police officer’ look at Radio City Music Hall, New York in 1993.


Trying out that difficult yoga position: ‘The Garish Fashion Bear’ at the World Music Awards in 1994.


“WE ARE THE WORLLLLLD,” sings the collective of singers on the 10th anniversary of the African famine relief anthem in 1995. Prince, meanwhile, just oozes cool effortlessly.



If you’re going to call your album and tour ‘Lovesexy’, you better be ready with a see through waistcoat and high-waisted trousers with your name on them….From 1988.


Prince’s sartorial interpretation of ‘a undercooked lasagna’. The results were better in theory than in practice.


Prince’s one off performance of his musical ‘Willy Wonka In Da Hood’ is surprisingly well-received. At the Radio City Music Hall in New York, 1993.