18 Albums Set To Make August 2015 A Scorcher For New Music

Summer’s in full effect – but what records should you be listening to as you laze around in parks and at BBQs soaking up the sunshine? Here’s August’s most anticipated new releases you need to get your hands on…

Kagoule – ‘Urth’

Kagoule – ‘Urth’. When’s it out? August 21.
Nottingham trio Kagoule are a tricksy bunch. Part Pixies-style quiet-loud-quiet dynamics and wonky chord progressions; part grunge riffing out, they’ve proven brilliantly un-pigeonhole-able as yet. Now comes their debut with its Lord Of The Rings-esque title ‘Urth’ and it’s sure to be just as innovative.

Mac DeMarco – ‘Another One’

Mac DeMarco – ‘Another One’. When’s it out? August 7.
“It’s a concept album about love. But the thing about love songs is that people don’t need to know what they’re about, it’s not important,” says Mac DeMarco about ‘Another One’. 23-minutes of melodic semi-melancholy might make these love songs more downbeat than some of Mac’s previous work, but he’s letting you make your own mind up.

Foals – ‘What Went Down’

Foals – 'What Went Down'

Foals – ‘What Went Down’. When’s it out? August 28.
Rearing up and charging headfirst into album four, Foals look set to land one of the year’s biggest hitters with ‘What Went Down’. Deftly moving between antagonistic clout, afrobeat-inflected dancefloor fillers and emotive atmospherics, it’s almost certainly their finest work to date.


Georgia – ‘Georgia’

Georgia – ‘Georgia’. When’s it out? August 7.
Melding elements of dance, grime, world music and basically everything in between, 21-year-old Londoner Georgia is nipping at the heels of MIA’s inventive pop crown on her self-titled LP. One of the year’s most promising debuts so far? Quite possibly.

Drinks – ‘Hermits On Holiday’

Drinks – 'Hermits On Holiday'

Drinks – ‘Hermits On Holiday’. When’s it out? August 21.
Though Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley (aka White Fence) normally operate in different circles – she a purveyor of beguilingly off-kilter Welsh pop, he a jangling California psych man and sometime Ty Segall collaborator – their union is one that makes perfect sense. The meeting of two idiosyncratic minds should be playful fun.

Frank Turner – ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’

Frank Turner – ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’. When’s it out? August 7.
Not one for shrouding his titles in too much mystery, FT’s sixth album finds the folk punk troubadour grabbing life by the balls and flipping the bird to previous LP ‘Tape Deck Heart”s former melancholy. If you’re one of Frank’s ever-increasing fan army, things are looking on the up again.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Blossom’

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Blossom’. When’s it out? August 14.
First came Gallows, then came Pure Love, and now Frank Carter will be hoping three time’s a charm with new outfit The Rattlesnakes. Ditching the cheerier bent of his previous outfit, ‘Blossom’ ups the ante with some angry young man venting on the state of the modern world. Get ready to vent.


Willis Earl Beal – ‘Nocturnes’

Willis Earl Beal – ‘Nocturnes’. When’s it out? August 28.
When Willis Earl Beal released debut LP ‘Acousmatic Sorcery’ in 2012, his backstory (Beal left CDs on the streets of New Mexico, one was found by an industry insider and the rest is history) garnered as much talk as his music. Things went a little professionally awry in the interim years, but now he’s back on form with ‘Nocturnes’.

Method Man – ‘The Meth Lab’

Method Man – 'The Meth Lab'

Method Man – ‘The Meth Lab’. When’s it out? August 21.
It’s been nearly a decade since Wu Tang’s Method Man released a solo record (2006’s ‘4:21… The Day After’), but now the rapper returns with a bumper 19-track offering to make up for lost time. Expect guest stars including Redman and Raekwon among others.

Health – ‘Death Magic’

Health – ‘Death Magic’. When’s it out? August 7.
LA noiseniks Health might have been away for a few years (their last LP ‘Get Colour’ came out in 2009), but their relentless brand of melodic yet obliterating noise is no less exciting second time around. With one ear on the dancefloor and the other in some kind of industrial warzone, see how ‘Death Magic’ manages to merge the two.

The Bohicas – ‘The Making Of’

The Bohicas – 'The Making Of'

The Bohicas – ‘The Making Of’. When’s it out? August 21.
Essex quartet The Bohicas were signed to Domino (home of Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip et al) in 2013 with nary a proper single to their name. Now, with a debut of spiky rock’n’roll imminent, the label will be hoping they backed the right horse.


Spector – ‘Moth Boys’

Spector – ‘Moth Boys’. When’s it out? August 21.
After short stints fronting Les Incompetants and Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man during the mid-2000s, you imagine the last person to expect Spector to make it to album #2 is Fred MacPherson himself. But for the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ they’ve ditched some of the japes and turned their attention more seriously to the task in hand.

Radkey – ‘Dark Black Makeup’

Radkey – ‘Dark Black Makeup’. When’s it out? August 21.
The Radke brothers – Isaiah, Solomon and Dee – have been making a punk racket together for five years now, but ‘Dark Black Makeup’ marks the first full length release for the Missouri trio. Expect ominous, claustrophobic and gritty vibes designed for the cover of night.

Ultimate Painting – ‘Green Lanes’

Ultimate Painting – ‘Green Lanes’. When’s it out? August 21.
The collaboration between Mazes frontman Jack Cooper and James Hoare of Veronica Falls and The Proper Ornaments, Ultimate Painting is as pleasantly nostalgic and jangly an affair as you’d expect. ‘Green Lanes’, however, refines their formula into something that packs a more memorable punch.

Royal Headache – ‘High’

Royal Headache – ‘High’. When’s it out? August 21.
Sydney garage types Royal Headache have had a tumultuous ride. After releasing a self-titled 2011 debut that became a cult classic, the group imploded in a mess of disorganisation and instability. Now, however, they’ve got the old band back together and are giving it another stab. Let’s see whether they continue on a, ahem, ‘High’ note.

Beach House – ‘Depression Cherry’

Beach House – ‘Depression Cherry’. When’s it out? August 28.
Having honed their niche of layered, fuzzy dream pop over the course of three albums, Baltimore duo Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand return for a fourth slice of the pie. ‘Depression Cherry’ might not be the most upbeat of titles, but there’s sure to be some lush treasures in there.

Hooton Tennis Club – ‘Highest Point In Cliff Town’

Hooton Tennis Club – 'Highest Point In Cliff Town'

Hooton Tennis Club – ‘Highest Point In Cliff Town’. When’s it out? August 28.
Hailing from the uneventful town of Hooton, near Liverpool, HTC are idiosyncratic and full of English eccentricities. ‘Highest Point In Cliff Town’ is their Heavenly Records debut, and with track titles like ‘Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair’, it’s certain not to be boring.

Deradoorian – ‘The Expanding Flower Planet’

Deradoorian – 'The Expanding Flower Planet'

Deradoorian – ‘The Expanding Flower Planet’. When’s it out? August 28.
Angel Deradoorian may have ditched the experimental mothership of her former band Dirty Projectors, but her solo output is no less eccentrically intriguing. Following on from 2009 EP ‘Mind Raft’, this is the singer’s debut album and it’s easily worth the wait.