17 fictional foodstuffs that will make ’90s kids drool

Grab a krabby patty and wash it down with a tasty can of Slurm.

Millennials: we show no signs of growing up and, no, we must not do so any time in the near future. I’ll continue to covet Szechuan Sauce while watching Ricky and Morty in my animal onesie, thanks all the same. The world is currently all hot under the collar for the fictional foodstuff from the Netflix cartoon, but it’s not the first time we’ve developed a taste for made-up grub. In fact, Reptar Bars from the ‘90s cartoon Rugrats are now going to be available in the real world, meaning you can gorge yourself on nostalgia while keep your responsibilities firmly at bay. Here are 19 other fictional foods we’d love to shove down our immature mouths.