20 things you never knew about Jimi Hendrix


Hendrix went by many names. Having been born on November 27, 1942 in Seattlem his mother named him Johnny Allen Hendrix but the youngster was known as Buster growing up. Following his discharge from the army his father changed it to James Marshall Hendrix.


Jimi had many talents. Water skiing was not one of them. According to Jon Roberts’ ‘American Desperado’, he almost once died in a accident at sea. “Jimi’s out there – no life vest on – and he falls off the skis. He’s in the water thrashing around… Suddenly, I’m wondering if he can even swim. I had some good times with Jimi, but he was a disaster on water skis.”


Jimi’s father Al was drafted to fight in World War Two the week his mother Lucille realised she was pregnant. He wouldn’t see his son until he was three.



Contrary to the hippy ideal, Jimi Hendrix didn’t leave the army because of his disdain for the war. He was thrown out for being “apprehended masturbating in the platoon area while supposed to be on detail”.


Jimi Hendrix left half the master tapes of their second album ‘Axis: Bold As Love’ in a taxi. They were never found again and the entire A-side of the album had to be re-recorded.


Hendrix’s first proper band was called The Casuals. They changed their name to King Kasuals after they realised there was another band of the same name in Nashville.


Jimi is buried alongside his father Al Hendrix and grandmother Nora Rose Moore Hendrix in Renton, Washington. The grave had to be moved apart from other burial sites as fans were causing too much damage.



The headstone contains a depiction of his famous Fender Stratocaster, although the guitar is shown right-side up, rather than the way Hendrix played it, upside down (left-handed).


Hendrix received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992.