20 things you should know about Paramore


Paramore knocked Madonna off the top of the UK albums chart last Sunday (october 4) with their third album ‘Brand New Eyes’. To mark the pop-punk gang’s assault on the mainstream, here are a few things you might not know about them.


The members of Paramore are all Christians. Josh Farro said in an interview with the BBC: “Our faith is very important to us. But we’re not out here to preach to kids, we’re out here because we love music.” Pic: Dan Dennison

Grammy Nominations

In the early days the band attempted Bible Study while on the road, but now they don’t get time. Says Williams: “I’m not Southern Baptist. I’m not Presbyterian. I’m not any one thing. I just believe in Jesus.” Pic: PA Photos


Z100’s Jingle Ball – Press Room – New York City

Paramore’s chart success marks the end of a turbulent period. In February 2008, singer Hayley Williams suggested the band were on the verge of splitting, due to “internal issues”. Pic: PA Photos


Guitarist Josh Farro likes to pass the long tourbus hours by drawing caricatures of himself and his bandmates. Though his brother Zac protests: “He always draws me so fat; I look like I have a donut face.” Pic: Danny North

Warner Music Group Post-Grammy Party

None of the band drinks much alcohol. Indeed, their tourbus is entirely dry. “All we do is watch movies, get on our computers and make music,” Zac says of the band’s bus activities. Pic: PA Photos


One of Hayley Williams’ most treasured possessions is a camouflage hunting knife – an emblem of her Deep South upbringing. “We’re hillbillies at heart,” she says. Pic: Pieter M Van Hattem



Prior to the release of ‘Brand New Eyes’, Paramore were getting on so badly they considered giving up. “You know those bands that travel separately because they hate each other and they get offstage and don’t talk to each other? That’s what it was for us,” Hayley Williams told Kerrang! Pic: Ed Miles


Before joining Paramore Hayley Williams was in a local funk cover band called The Factory.


Frontwoman Hayley Williams has won both NME and Kerrang! awards for Sexiest Female. Pic: Ed Miles


Williams and guitarist Josh Farro are rumoured to have been in a secret relationship for a period of time, with their break up thought to be the cause of six gigs being cancelled in 2008. Williams has since been linked with New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert.



Two of the band’s songs, ‘Decode’ and ‘I Caught Myself’, appear on the soundtrack to cult teen vampire movie ‘Twilight’. Pic: PA Photos