Liam Gallagher was absolutely Godlike at the VO5 NME Awards (obviously)

As you were (and as you'd expect)

Tonight, readers, he was a rock’n’roll star. Obviously, he’s our foremost rock’n’roll star every other night of the year – which is exactly why Liam Gallagher has, at long last, been named Godlike Genius at this year V05 NME Awards at the 02 Brixton Academy. He stormed out in his trademark parka – having having used his acceptance speech to thank the “parka monkeys” that have supported him for all these years, along with his mum and “army of songwriters, past and present” – before he delivered a roaring set that drew on Platinum new album ‘As You Were’ and, of course, the Oasis bangers we longed to get in our earholes.

He opened with ‘Rock’N’Roll Star’, which he recently told NME is currently his favourite Oasis song to perform live. Says it all, really, doesn’t it?

At one point during the song, as we all bellowed, “Toniiiiiight I’m a rock ‘n’ roll star” back at him, he snarled, “Yeah, you fucking are.”

And then he belted out ‘Morning Glory’ as loads of us stood on our seats and bawled along to every single word.

During his recent NME interview, Liam told us that “it does bring up a lot of emotions and that” to sing those Oasis songs.

Yet he also emphasised that “certain songs you muster up your rock’n’roll temper and that… I can still muster up that rock’n’roll temper at the drop of a fucking hat.”

Tonight, he proved it beyond a doubt.

Now he’d got our attention, LG rolled out a few newbies from ‘As You Were,’ his stellar debut album released last year. He kicked off with ‘Greedy Soul’ – and this lucky fan was certainly appreciative.

And he tore through ‘Wall Of Glass’, the first track that heralded his comeback – reminding us that his longevity is very much part of his Godlike status.

He bowed out with ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’, as we all tried not to fall off our chairs.

Liam has been on the cover of NME a whopping 67 time – and tonight he proved exactly why, turning in a set that blazed with Godlike Genius.