23 Of The Weirdest Things Sold On eBay By Rock Stars (Or In The Name Of Music)

eBay, founded on 3 September 1995, turned 20 this week. Other than making everyone feel that little bit older, it’s also given us an opportunity to look back on the weirdest gems ever sold via the online marketplace. Here are 23 of the best…


If you’d ever wanted to live like Johnny Cash then you could have bought his actual house where his parents had lived when it went up for auction in 2008 for $1.4 million. That amount didn’t include delivery though.


While on an Italian TV show in 2007, Noel Gallagher was presented with old friend Alessandro Del Piero’s football shirt, and the Azzurri legend appeared on the line to say hello. “eBay!” shouted Gallagher arousing much mirth in the studio. He probably hasn’t sold it on eBay, he was just having a laugh.


In 2008, Snoop put his own shed up for auction in order to raise funds for the Snoop Youth Football League, which you might have guessed is sponsored by Snoop. “This shed has been his ‘Dogg’ sanctuary for years,” read the eBay listing, “many of hip-hop and Hollywood’s biggest stars have spent quality time with Snoop in his shed.”



You might want to skip this one if you’ve just had lunch. Thom Yorke’s nails mysteriously found their way on eBay when the Radiohead singer trimmed his toes ahead of a show. The dressing room was raided by an opportunist who retrieved the clippings from the bin and put them up for sale on the internet. People are lovely aren’t they?


In 2010 Lily Allen did her bit for Help for Haiti when she auctioned one of her trademark pink ball gowns on the internet auction site.


Britney Spears used to inspire the kind of devotion that saw (presumably very rich) fans bidding upwards of $1m for the hair she famously chopped off in 2007. eBay stepped in as the lot was in breach of policy, but her used pregnancy test kit later fetched $5,001.


Back when Justin Timberlake was still in NSync, the teen heartthrob left some french toast behind in a restaurant, only for some ne’erdowell to take it and auction it on eBay. What wasn’t good enough for Justin was snapped up by one stoopid NSync fan for $1,025.



One Directioner Niall Horan was fed vegemite toast on Australian TV. Not to his favour, the semi-munched morsel was discarded and then went on eBay and fetched a staggering £65,000. And he isn’t even the famous one!


Ever wish you had something to remember Ian Curtis by, like, say, his kitchen table? Too late, the four legged furniture piece with a flat horizontal surface that Ian sometimes ate toast off, sold on eBay for a whopping £8,400 in 2013. New Order and Deborah Curtis unsurprisingly distanced themselves from the bid.


Editors were one of the bands that auctioned strange memorabilia for Actionaid back in 2008, donating their stage backdrop. Other bands joined in too, including the Ting Tings and Duffy. Not ringing any bells? They were both pretty big at the time.


William Shatner’s cover version of ‘Common People’ might have been horrendous, but not nearly as horrendous as one of his kidney stones. That didn’t stop someone forking out $25,000 for Captain Kirk’s “renal calculus”.