25 Of Robbie Williams’ Most Ridiculous, Filthy And Egomaniacal Quotes

Robbie Williams is back with a new song, the controversial – and amazing – ‘Party Like A Russian’. And man, we’ve missed Robbie and his ridiculous quotes. Here are 25 of the best from over the years.


“I’m a born entertainer. When I open the fridge door and the light goes on, I burst into song.”


“I think dysfunctional people are being funnelled into very corporate behaviour. Look at the Brits… no one’s fighting, and it’s boring.”


“I’m a bit of a slag… Some people don’t think it’s very nice, but I don’t care… I’ve got hormones, and sex is there, so why not? Sex is good. Everybody does it, and everybody should!”



“I enjoy nakedness. I am a bit of a naturist at heart.”


“The thing about drugs and sex is that you lose all your inhibitions. I’ve had sex in trains, planes, wine bars… and quite a few car parks!”


“I think there are ghosts. I haven’t seen or heard anything. I’ve definitely felt something, but it’s not scary.”


Speaking to a woman whose son had been abducted by aliens: “It must have been a terrible time for you, and an awful time for him. It’s just so sad to hear it happens. It’s happened to me… I think joining Take That was like leaving on a spaceship and coming back and all your friends going, ‘He’s weird now.'”



On Madonna in 2009: “She looks amazing. I can’t believe she’s 89 and looks like that.”


“I picked up a TV set in my hotel room and walked right out of the building. My room was on the ground floor and I actually threw it back through the window, on to my bed.”


“What was I like [when I was 16]?” I had a high-pitched voice. Sounded a bit like a girl. Spoke with a Stoke accent, tremendously naive. Overconfident. Tremendously overconfident. And under-confident at the same time – really, really bad combination! Gets you places, though.”


I’m quite open to the fact that I might be a tinfoil-hat freak.”



On his wife giving birth to his daughter: “It was like my favourite pub burning down.”


On the room he uses to read articles about himself online: “I shouldn’t call it my office. I should call it my adulation top-up room!”


“We’d probably have sex. That’s what this is all about isn’t it? I want him to be grateful for it. Let’s get it out in the open. I want to shag Liam Gallagher.”


From his pre-Take That CV: “I have only one ambition, which is to be famous.