26 Of The Grossest Band Names Ever



2The Revolting Cocks

The Revolting Cocks
It's never easy coming up with a name for your band but The Revolting Cocks had a stroke of luck on the night they celebrated their formation. After a few drinks the party descended into a brawl with the owner throwing the new band out of his bar screaming, "You guys are a bunch of revolting cocks!!" Quite the baptism. Since then RevCo, as they're sometimes called, have released 10 albums.

3You've Got Foetus On Your Breath

You've Got Foetus On Your Breath
Jim Thirlwell had an awful lot of fun with his Foetus nom de plume in the 1980s, twisting it into all sorts of interesting shapes. Foetus Interruptus, Foetus Corruptus, Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel and You've Got Foetus On Your Breath led the field, but he's calmed down to plain old Foetus now. Cute.

4Exploding Fuckdolls

Exploding Fuckdolls
Exploding Fuckdolls were founded in the Orange County by punk rockers Duane Peters and the Godoy Twins in 1991. They were often banned from playing clubs in certain districts for their family-unfriendly name. If you missed them first time round, don't panic. They're back on the road.

5Vaginal Defecation

Vaginal Defecation
Self-described as "Sick Twisted Porno Death/ Black Metal" Vaginal Defecation are a duo from Washington. Do not Google this band unless you want to be traumatised and experience flashbacks for the foreseeable. Seriously.

6Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet
Andrew St.Clair/NME
We'll forgive Diarrhea Planet their rank name because they're actually pretty good. How did they come up with it? Here's guitarist Jordon Smith: "One day in his room we were joking about making a really ridiculous noise band that would just be super irritating to every single person, and we tried to think of the most irritating band name that we could think of." Mission accomplished.


Whether we're talking nasty lumberjacking incidents or even nastier slang references to a woman's 'parts', AxeWound's not a name awash with pleasant connotations. But – as a supergroup made up of members of Bullet For My Valentine, Cancer Bats and Pitchshifter – they are, of course, awesome.

8Clunge Plunger

Clunge Plunger
It's unlikely Clunge Plunger get much success with the ladies at all with songs like 'Frothing At The Gash'. Still, they're pretty active on the UK live circuit at the moment, playing in London earlier this week. You can buy 'Wank-Bank Gas-Tank' and other anthems on their bandcamp.

9Armageddon Dildo

Armageddon Dildo
Armageddon Dildo have been around since the mid 80s and formed in Kassel, Germany. The post-industrial trio have released eight albums to date. What the hell's an armageddon dildo, we hear you ask? The slang term for an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. So now you know.


Goatwhore are a death metal band from Louisiana. They formed in 1997 after the break-up of singer Sammy Duet's previous band, 'Acid Bath'. Lush! Highlight tracks include 'When Steel And Bone Meet' and 'Nocturnal Holocaust'.

11Uncle Bad Touch

Uncle Bad Touch
Uncle Bad Touch hail from Montreal. Considering they're named after slang for a pedophile, they make pretty anodyne garage rock with songs such as 'I Wanna Love You'.

12Test Icicles

Test Icicles
Back in the day, before Dev Hynes was the hipster producer revitalising Solange Knowles' career and exhuming Mutya Keisha Siobhan – and even before he was swanning about with the name Lightspeed Champion – he was a member of the pathetically named Test Icicles. From little acorns...


Hey Slutvomit, we’re taking bookings for NME sessions. Call us, yeah? You owe us something for the trauma of Googling your name without a space. The band have a new album out soon so if Satan thrash metal is your thing, check them out.


Here's... Rapeman. And the point in the gallery where IT report us for researching these bands.

15Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans
US noise-punks Pissed Jeans could've had a much more wholesome name. They were initially called Unrequited Hard-On. Oh. What prompted the change is lost in the u-bend of history, but it was something about choosing a name with a more commercial appeal. Well, that's a failure all round.

16Cerebral Ballzy

Cerebral Ballzy
Dan Kendall/NME
New York punks Cerebral Ballzy like to paint their name as the pay-off to a great anecdote about doing something, er, "ballsy", but when it comes down to it they're just punning on cerebral palsy. Not many people are wild about that.

17Shit Robot

Shit Robot
Irish DJ and producer Marcus Lambkin is the man behind the Shit Robot moniker, spoiling all of the excellent old-skool electro-rave he does for DFA Records – occasionally in partnership with old mucker James Murphy – with a crappy name.

18Lung Butter

Lung Butter
Lung Butter formed in Canada in 1996. You may know their song 'Boot Raper' or 'Actual Stains', or 'Actual Worms'. No? On returning in 2009 after a hiatus they had to change their name. To Actual Lungbutter, of course.

19Happy Flowers

Happy Flowers
Well, Happy Flowers is a lovely name, isn't it? Makes you feel good. Thats until you find out singer and drummer John Beers calls himself Mr Horribly Charred Infant.


We've all been there, of course, but not too many of us have decided to make a logo out of it. Gutrot were - and apparently are again - a grindcore/death metal side-project dreamt up by members of Mulch, who clearly thought their usual band had a way-too-appetising name.

21'Gob Sausage'

'Gob Sausage'
When this writer saw 'Gob Sausage' on the bill for 1234 festival in London, she immediately bought a ticket for the artist "spawned from a spittle laced backstage gang-bang in new York, 1976". Unfortunately 'Sausage' didn't show up and she's rarely been seen live since. 'Sausage' hails from Huddersfield.

22Elvis Hitler

Elvis Hitler
Elvis Hitler released their debut album 'Disgraceland' back in the 1980s. Still not stocked in Sainsbury's for some odd reason, though they are mentioned in Thomas Pynchon's 2013 novel, 'Bleeding Edge', which is a significant achievement.


Carcass are a British "extreme metal" band, whatever that means, that hail from Liverpool. They're also described as splatter death metal and goregrind. Check out massive bangers 'Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites' or 'Regurgitation of Giblets' as an entry point.

24Anal Cunt

Anal Cunt
Anal Cunt, the grindcore band from Massachusetts, formed in 1988. They permanently disbanded in 2011 when frontman Seth Putnam died of a heart attack. You won't believe it but they intended to be offensive; lyrical themes included sexism, racism, homophobia, misogyny and anti-Semitism.

25Aids Wolf

Aids Wolf
Here’s the bad news. Aids Wolf packed it all in back in 2012 and sold all their gear. But through their almost ten years together the Canadian noise-makers made some great records such as 'The Lovvers'. The name comes from the urban myth that wolves carry AIDS, pass it on to pets who then give it to humans.

26Butthole Surfers

Butthole Surfers
Legend has it Texan grunge pioneers Butthole Surfers didn't settle on their charming name until they were introduced with the homophobic slur (after one of their songs) at an early gig. Despite unpromising beginnings they're still doing their thing and were a profound influence on Kurt Cobain back in the glory years.


Ah, that deadly combo. You really wouldn’t want to get trapped in a bathroom with this lot. L.A’s Fartbarf have a explosive manifesto, published on their Facebook page. “Everything fun mustn’t always be Fartbarf, but everything Fartbarf but always be fun.” We wonder if they follow their name with their band name (y'know like Freddie Vaccines). Drummer: Brian Fartbarf.