Rock stars’ weirdest rider requests

If you were a bajillion-selling megastar, what would be on your backstage rider? Most bands opt for crisps, booze, maybe a bit of hummus if they’re feeling healthy. Not this lot, though. From Foo Fighters’ Pot Noodles to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ clean underwear, here’s some of the weirdest leaked rider requests…


Microscopic purple priapus Prince was known to ask for a doctor with a vitamin B12 shot to be on call at all times. He also wouldn’t go near a plate of food that wasn’t covered with clingfilm.


In their heyday they didn’t really need it, but these days the Red Hot Chili Peppers request fresh underwear.


For his appearance at the Tennent’s Vital festival in Northern Ireland last summer, Eminem insisted the organisers build a wooden pond for his koi carp.



Back in happier frat-rap days, the Beastie Boys were known to put in a possibly optimistic order for rainbow-coloured condoms. Let’s face it, they put them over their heads and blew them up.


Scots post-rockers Mogwai also have a post-modern sense of humour. Presumably. It would explain one request for a framed photo of Princess Leia from Star Wars.


Nine Inch Nails’ Doyen of Industrial Trent Reznor requires two whole boxes of corn starch. Apparently this is to assist in the removal of those sweaty leather trousers. Nice.


Well, the list wouldn’t be complete without the spandex kings of profane. Motley Crue basically requested everything they could think of, but notable items included a submachine gun, a detailed schedule of local AA meetings and – naturally – a 12-foot boa constrictor.



The original diva Cher has a non-negotiable need for a separate room for her wigs. It sounds like a fire hazard, to be honest.


Prince of Darkness Marilyn Manson is also Prince of Freezing Temperatures, hell-bent on air-conditioning keeping the room as cold as possible. Rather more understandably, he also requests a bald-headed toothless hooker and Haribo (no other brand will do) gummi bears.


Nicki Minaj would like quite staggering amounts of chicken. Breasts, legs, buckets of the stuff.


Old country squire that he is, Sir Mick Jagger is in his element with a shepherd’s pie, a bottle of HP and a snooker table.



No doubt Britney Spears’ demands stretch all the way up the beanstalk and back but one particular request on her X Factor USA rider caught the eye: four pints of potato salad. Down in one.


Typically bananas stuff from MIA, who wants three extras who can “groove to the music”, all dressed in full burkas. And, just to keep everything on the straight and narrow, a bottle of absinthe.


Neptune and N*E*R*D Pharrell Williams is a man of simple pleasures. A troupe of belly dancers will do.


Personifying the fabulous disconnect between rock star demands and natural human needs, Aerosmith have been known to painstakingly request “corn on the cob, fresh ears, cooked 3 minutes only”. Rock. And. Roll.


Nothing but brand new toilet seats will do for Madonna’s immaculate posterior.


He likes his flora, Sir Paul McCartney does. He wants 19 leafy 6ft plants and four leafy 4ft plants. Welcome to the jungle.


Bless little Lily Allen who, aside from the more necessary rock’n’roll staples, wants 12 packets of Monster Munch.


Ladies Love Cool James because he has a constant supply of a couple of dozen long stem roses. No thorns though. But James, every rose has its…


It’s a bit of a disappointment to learn that AC/DC don’t want any beer in the dressing room prior to the show, but would rather like some English cheeses and crackers.


Everyone loves a plate of macaroni cheese, right? None more than Nirvana who would strop off if there wasn’t any of that cheesy tubular goodness on the buffet table.


In the grand scheme of family foibles, Janet Jackson’s need for a tub of Marmite is pretty tame stuff. Assuming it’s for toast.


Old divas die hard. Barbra Streisand is not going anywhere near a toilet that doesn’t have rose petals in it. Presumably they need to be replenished after each flush by the rose petal attendant.


The Foo Fighters’ desire for six Cup O Noodles (vegetable, original beef flavour) isn’t too weird until you find out this is ONLY ON WEDNESDAYS.


Don’t suppose anyone particularly wants to think about it, but Moby wants underwear.