50 richest people in music


1Australia Music The Who

Pete Townshend of "The Who" performs at a Rock concert following the Australian Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia, Sunday, March 29, 2009. Crowds that saw the race had free admission to the concert. (AP Photo/Andrew Brownbill) Pooneh Ghana/NME
The Sunday Times recently unveiled their annual list of the wealthiest musicians. At Number 47 is The Who’s Pete Towshend with £40million. Enough money to smash up a few more guitars, we reckon.

2£40 million

£40 million
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Joint 47th is Bernie Taupin. Elton John's wordsmith is racking it in from gems like ”If I was a sculptor/ But then again, no.”. Worth £40 million.


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Joint 47th is Kylie Minogue. The Australian songbird is worth £40million.

4£40 million

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Joint 47th is Mick Hucknall, former Simply Red frontman. He played the Simply Red farewell shows in 2010. We’re pretty sure he fired himself after they played their last gig. Worth: £40 million.

5£45 million

In 46th place is John Paul Jones, one time Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones who probably didn’t make the list thanks to his work with Them Crooked Vultures. Worth: £45 million.

6£48 million

£48 million
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In 45th position is Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, the power couple whose combined, microbiotic love-in has made them enough to buy several bumper buckets of humus. Worth: £48 million.

7£50 million

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In joint 42nd place is Sir Cliff Richard. He turned 70 last year and celebrated with the ‘Bold As Brass album’ looking freakishly babyfaced. Worth: £50 million.

8£50 millions

£50 millions
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In joint 42nd position is Van Morrison. His last studio album may have been in 2008 but he’s still racking it in, each time a wedding band plays ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. Worth: £50 millions.

9£50 million

£50 million
In joint 42nd position is Brian Johnson, the AC/DC frontman who cleverly keeps his millions under his flat cap. Worth: £50 million

10£50 million

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In 41st position is Nick Mason. Pink Floyd drummer who also has a nice sideline in vintage cars. Quite literally he’s our dad’s dream rock star. Worth: £50 million.

11£60 million

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In 40th position is Engelbert Humperdinck. Easy Listening crooner who looks a bit like a friendly lion. Worth: £60 million.

12£62 million

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In joint 38th position is Mark Knopfler, the Dire Straits/solo act/soundtrack composer/geography teacher look-a-like. Worth: £62 million.

13£62 million

£62 million
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In joint 38th position is Judy Craymer. Producer of ‘Mamma Mia’. Responsible for making millions of 50-something women spontaneously dance in cinema aisles up and down the country. Thanks for that. Worth: £62 million.

14£63 million

£63 million
At number 37 are Noel and Liam Gallagher. Former Oasis figure—heads. We like that they’re on the chart together, as if they have a joint account or something. Worth: £63 million.

15£65 million

£65 million
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At number 36 is John Deacon. Former Queen bassist and the one who doesn’t get involved in any embarrassing post-Freddie shenanigans. Worth: £65 million.

16£70 million

Joint 34th is Chris Wright. Former chairman of music publisher Chrysalis (home of Blondie, pictured) who sold it to BMG Rights Management in 2010. Worth: £70 million

17£70 million

£70 million
Joint 34th is Moya Doherty and John McGolgan. Irish husband and wife responsible for ‘Riverdance’. Possibly very evil. Worth:£70 million.

18£75 million

£75 million
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In 33rd position is Jimmy Page, the Led Zeppelin guitarist who’s very shrewd with his cash. We saw him in KFC recently. Worth: £75 million.

19£80 million

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In joint 30th position is Roger Taylor. Queen drummer and writer of some their biggest hits including ‘A Kind Of Magic’ and ‘Radio Ga Ga’. Worth: £80 million.

20£80 million

£80 million
In joint 30th position is Robert Plant, the Led Zeppelin vocalist. Gone a bit 'country' of late but we won't hold that against him. Worth: £80 million.

21£80 million

£80 million
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In joint 30th position is Chris Blackwell. Founder of Island Records, who celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2009. Worth: £80 million.

22£85 million

£85 million
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In joint 27th position is Charlie Watts. Rolling Stones drummer who looks like he might punch Mick Jagger at any point. Worth: £85 million.

23£85 million

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In joint 27th position is Brian May. Curly haired badger lover and guitarist for Queen. Worth: £85 million.

24£85 million

£85 million
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In joint 27th position is David Gilmour. Moon faced Pink Floyd guitarist. Worth: £85 million

25£90 million

Robbie Williams performs on stage at the Brit Awards, February 16, 2010. PA Photos
In joint 25th position is Robbie Williams. Slightly dead-eyed solo star, once again the part in Take That. Worth: £90 million.

26£90 million

£90 million
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In joint 25th position is George Michael. Solo star and friend of ‘Snappy Snaps’. Worth: £90 million.

27£95 million

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In 24th position is Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Worth: £95 million.

28£100 million

£100 million
In at the 23rd position is David Bowie. Former rock chameleon, now sells Pastrami sandwiches in Central Park. Possibly. Worth: £100 million.


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In 22nd position is Roger Waters. Bassist of Pink Floyd, recently toured a solo show of ‘The Wall’. Worth: £110 million.

30£110 million

£110 million
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21st position are Barry and Robin Gibb. Bee Gee brothers, kept in work by X-Factor affiliates covering their back catalogue. Worth: £110 million.

31£115 million

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In joint 19th position is Rod Stewart. He sang ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’ once, now releases endless cover albums that wouldn’t scare your gran. Worth: £115 million.

32£115 million

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In joint 19th position is Phil Collins. MOR god who recently announced his retirement. We predict an ‘I’m Not Dead!’ Tour in 2013. Worth: £115 million.

33£120 million

£120 million
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In 18th position is Roger Ames. Chief Executive Officer of Warner Music Group, probably gives high-fives to Guy Hands on the golf course. Worth: £120 million.

34£125 million

£125 million
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In 17th position is Eric Clapton. Guitar legend who was called ‘Slow Hand’ sadly not for his lazy way with sign language. Worth: £125 million.

35£140 million

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In 16th position is Sir Tom Jones. Mr Jones recently crept back to the Number 2 position on the charts with his gospel album ‘Praise & Blame’. Worth: £140 million.


37£150 million

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In joint 13th position is Ringo Starr. Former Beatle, but known to seven year olds the world over as ‘the voice of Thomas The Tank Engine’.Worth: £150 million.

38£150 million

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In joint 13th position is Jamie Palumbo. Founder of Ministry Of Sound. Probably owns the rights to the ‘big fish/little fish’ dance. Worth: £150 million.

39£165 million

£165 million
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In 12th position are Victoria and David Beckham. Celebrated sport/music couple who are allegedly naming their fourth child after Justin Bieber. Clearly they are fans of school yard bullying. Worth: £165 million.

40£170 million

£170 million
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In 11th position are Olivia and Dhani Harrison. Widow and son of former Beatle George. Worth: £170 million.

41£175 million

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In 10th position is Keith Richards. Rolling Stone, is set to appear as a grungy elder statesman in Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. Typecasting eh? Worth: £175 million.

42£180 million

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In 9th position is Sting. On a back of a hugely successful Police reunion tour, hooked up with um that teacher guy from Glee for a duet. Worth:£180 million.

43£190 million

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In 8th position is Mick Jagger. Rubber hipped Rolling Stone frontman, who re-issued ‘Exile On Main St.’ in 2010. Worth: £190 million

44£195 million

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In 7th position is Sir Elton John. Friend of Gaga, enemy of hair, Elton recently released a duet album with Leon Russell ‘The Union’. Worth: £195 million.

45£200 million

Simon Cowell shot Sony offices for NME 30/11/09 Dean Chalkley
In 6th position is Simon Cowell. Music’s Dr Evil. Recently sold ‘X Factor’ and Cheryl Cole to the US. Worth: £200 million.

46£375 million

£375 million
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In 5th position is Simon Fuller. Music’s Dr Evil (part two). Manager/TV producer who owns approximately 74 % of the world. Worth: £375 million.

47£495 million

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In 4th position is Paul McCartney. Big thumbed former Beatle who also has a sneaky line in music publishing. Worth: £495 million.

48£675 million

£675 million
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In 3rd position is Sir Cameron Mackintosh. Theatre producer responsible for Les Miserables , Cats and jazz hands everywhere. Worth: £675 million.

49£680 million

£680 million
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In 2nd position is Lord Lloyd Webber. The musicals legend. Most recently caught looking for a Dorothy on TV, finding her and then opening a revival of The Wizard Of Oz in the West End. Worth: £680 million.

50£1,3000 million

£1,3000 million
In 1st position is Clive Calder. Record executive and co-founder of Zomba Records. Worth: £1,3000 million.

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