60 albums you need to hear in 2011


60. Beach House: Released: Who knows? Details: Very little, really. The band have confirmed that the work on the new album is currently in its formative stages, and that they’ll begin to properly record it once they wrap up touring.


59. Fleet Foxes: Released: Spring/early summer. Recorded: Dreamland Studios, New York (as suggested by their friends Beach House). Producer: Phil Ek. Songs: ‘Lorelai’, ‘Bedouin Dress’, ‘Blue Spotted Tail’.


58. Iron & Wine. Title: ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’. Released: January. Details: The subject matter is as worldly and frank as ever: “I tried to describe life in all its good and bad, sweet and sour, hard and soft, scary and wonderful parts,” says Sam Beam.



56. Queens Of The Stone Age. Released: Summer, in time for the festivals. Details: Bassist Dean Fertita said the band are “excited and ready to go” for January studio sessions.

Fiery Furnaces

Fiery Furnaces

53. Fiery Furnaces. Released: Not confirmed. Recorded: They plan to record the album in Michigan in a ’60s high school auditorium. Details: It will have a large symphony orchestra comprised of teenagers and will be, according to Matt, “about a single mother who’s raising her 12-year-old son” (to coincide as the soundtrack to a film being released around the same time).


50. Surfer Blood: Released: An EP in the first half of 2011, then the album later in the year. Details: None yet, but expect big things – they’ve got major label backing from Warners now.


47. Girls. Released: Late 2011. Recorded: Shared studio, San Francisco. Songs: ‘How Can I Say I Love You’, ‘Nobody’s Business’, ‘Honey Bunny’.



43. The Big Pink. Released: Pre-summer. Producer: Paul Epworth. Recorded: Miloco Studio, London and Epworth’s home. Songs: ‘England’, ‘Rubbernecking’, ’77 Ways To Say No’.


42. Friendly Fires. Released: April. Producer: Self-produced, with help from Paul Epworth and Andrew Weatherall. Songs: ‘Running Away’, ‘Blue Cassette’, ‘True Love’.


41. Gruff Rhys. Title: ‘Hotel Shampoo’. Released: February 14. Producer: Andy Votel. Songs: Free download of ‘Shark Ridden Waters’ over at gruffrhys.com.


40. Noah and the Whale. Title: ‘Last Night On Earth’. Released: March. Recorded: Last summer on LA. Songs: Free download of ‘Wild Thing’ over at noahandthewhale.com.



39. Metronomy. Title: ‘The English Riviera’. Released: March. Producer: Joe Mount. Songs: ‘Love Underlined’, ‘Corrine’, ‘The Look’, ‘She Wants’ (which will be available for free download on January 31).


35. The Kills. Title: ‘Blood Pressure’. Released: April 4. Recorded: Michigan’s Keyclub studio. Songs: ‘Pots And Pans’, ‘Satellite’.


34. Laura Marling. Released: She’s holding it back a bit longer than expected. She’s aiming to finish it by February and release it this Spring. Songs: She’s played a few live already, including ‘Rest In The Bed’, ‘Don’t Ask Me Why’ and ‘Who Am I?’.


28. Beady Eye. Recorded: London’s RAK. Producer: Steve Lillywhite. Released: February 28. Listen: Click here to listen to a few tunes.


27. The Maccabees. Released: No plan yet. Songs: ‘Grew Up At Midnight’, ‘Glimmer’, ‘Forever I’ve Known’.


26. Wild Beasts. Released: Spring. Recorded: Snowdonia, Wales. Producer: Richard Formby, mixed by Lexxx. Songs: ‘Bed Of Nails’, ‘Burning’, ‘Reach A Little Bit Further’.


25. Elbow. Title: ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’. Released: March 7. Producer: Elbow’s Craig Potter. RecordedL Blueprint Studios, Manchester. Listen: Click here to watch a video featuring ‘Lippy Kids’.


24. Brother. Released: September. Songs: ‘New Year’s Day’, ‘Darling Buds Of May’. Video: Click here to watch our video interview with the band.

The Vaccines

23. The Vaccines. Title: ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’. Released: March 21. Producer: Dan Grech. Video: Click here to watch our video interview with the band.

Paul Weller

22. Paul Weller. Released: Mid-2011, if all goes to plan. Songs: ‘Paper Chase’, ‘Dangerous Age’, ‘Around The Lake’, ‘No Need To Be Alone’, ‘Starlight’, ‘Drifters’. Collaborators: Neu!’s Michael Rother; Weller’s five-year-old son Mac.

Bombay Bicycle Club

21. Bombay Bicycle Club. Released: Pencilled in for June. Songs: ‘Bad Timing’, ‘The Sleep Song’, ‘Beggars’.

Plan B

20. Plan B. Title: ‘The Ballad Of Belmarsh’. Released: Expected in March or April.

The Streets

The Streets

19. The Streets. Title: ‘Computers And Blues’. Released: February 7. Songs: ‘Without A Blink’, ‘We Can Never Be Friends’. Click here for a full tracklisting.

Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys

18. Beastie Boys. Title: ‘Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2’. Released: Spring. Songs: ‘Don’t Play No Games That I Can’t Win’ (featuring Santigold), ‘Too Many Rappers’ (feat. Nas). Click here for a full tracklisting.

Kanye West and Jay-Z

17. Kanye West and Jay-Z. Title: ‘Watch The Throne’. Released: March. Recorded: France, October/November 2010.

The Strokes

The Strokes

16. The Strokes. Recorded: Albert Hammond Jr’s studio. Producer: Self-produced with the help of engineer Gus Osberg. Released: March.


15. Kasabian. Released: Serge hopes that some new material will be out in time for the band’s festival slots this summer. Producer: Dan The Automator. Recorded: San Francisco following Serge’s home sessions.

The View

14. The View. Title: ‘The Best Lasts Forever’. Released: March 14. Single, ‘Grace’ out March 6. Producer: Youth. Listen: Click here to hear ‘Sunday’.

The Enemy

13. The Enemy. Released: Expected late 2011. Some words from the band: “We’ve been writing and working on new material, rehearsing in a tiny room with bare essentials. We have loads of tunes we’re all excited about.” -Tom Clarke.

Miles Kane

Miles Kane

12. Miles Kane. Released: Early 2011. Collaborators: Gruff Rhys, Noel Gallagher. Songs: ‘Inhaler’ (single out now), ‘My Fantasy’.

Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi

11. Anna Calvi. Title: ‘Anna Calvi’. Released: January 17.

Florence & The Machine

10. Florence & The Machine. Released: Expected in late 2011, if it drops at all this year. Producer: Paul Epworth has helmed some sessions.

Lykke Li

9. Lykke Li. Title: ‘Wounded Rhymes’. Released: February 28. Listen: Click here to hear remixes of ‘Get Some’ by Beastie Boys’ Mike D and Beck.

La Roux

8. La Roux. Recorded: Brixton. Collaborators: We’ve heard rumours that the mystery established band is…White Lies. Released: The pair want it out before festival season.

Lady Gaga

7. Lady Gaga. Title: ‘Born This Way’. Released: May 23. A single, also called ‘Born This Way’, is out on February 14.

Patrick Wolf

6. Patrick Wolf. Working title: ‘The Conqueror’. Producer: Self-produced. Released: May. Songs: ‘House’, ‘Together’, ‘Armistice’.


5. Coldplay. Recorded: Coldplay’s London home studio. Producer: Brian Eno/Marcus Dravs. Released: No date yet, expected spring.

Damon Albarn

4. Damon Albarn. Upcoming plans: Finish the record with Tony Allen and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers); Might return to The Good, The Bad & The Queen for a second album; Might work on the soundtrack for The Boy In The Oak (a film based on his sister’s book).



3. ‘Rome’. Artist: Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton and Daniele Luppi with Jack White and Norah Jones on vocals. Title: ‘Rome’. Released: May. Listen: Click here for some song snippets.

The Horrors

2. The Horrors. Recorded: Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London. Producer: Self-produced by the band, mixed by Craig Shilby. Released: Who knows?

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

1. Arctic Monkeys. Released: May at the earliest. Producer: James Ford.