Arctic Monkeys in New York


1Arctic Monkeys

NME caught up with the Arctic Monkeys in New York recently as they finished recording their third album. Grab the magazine this week for the full story and keep clicking for exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from the cover shoot. Pic: Tom Oxley

2Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys roam the sidewalks of New York’s West Village, where they were finishing up their third album. This was their first press job for the new album and the boys were in high spirits, doing comedy catalogue poses behind photographer Tom Oxley’s back but acting normal when he turned round to shoot them. Pic: Tom Oxley

3Arctic Monkeys

New York suffered torrential rain during the week NME went out to shoot Arctic Monkeys, but photographer Tom Oxley grabbed a chance break in the downpour to shoot these shots outside the studio. Pic: Tom Oxley

4Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys had had their fill of sightseeing on their previous trip to New York, scaling the Empire State Building among other things. So this time they were there to party, and indeed headed down to the Highline Ballroom after this shoot to hang out with P Diddy at a Simian Mobile Disco show. Get this week’s NME for the full story. Pic: Tom Oxley

5Arctic Monkeys

Our Arctic Monkeys cover shoot took an hour-and-a-half, and unusually was music free. Normally the photographer plays an iPod to get subjects in the mood, but the boys had literally just finished the last song from the album before we began. Pic: Tom Oxley

6Arctic Monkeys

Spirits were high for the Arctic Monkeys cover shoot for NME at Electric Lady Studios in New York on April 23, 2009, as Arctic Monkeys had just finished their third album. Pic: Tom Oxley

7Arctic Monkeys

Bassist Nick O’Malley outside New York’s Electric Lady Studios. The recording rooms were the brainchild of Jimi Hendrix, and since opening in 1970 have seen a variety of legends pass through the door, including AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, Guns N’ Roses and John Lennon. Pic: Tom Oxley

8Arctic Monkeys

NME caught up with Arctic Monkeys at their final recording session at Jimi Hendrix’ old studios, Electric Lady. The studios were completed in 1970 at twice the planned budget, and Hendrix only recorded there once before flying to perform at the Isle Of Wight festival and passing away three weeks later. Pic: Tom Oxley

9Arctic Monkeys

The Electric Lady Studios are full of psychedelic artworks and trippy lighting, but legendary engineer Eddie Kramer famously never allowed any drug use in there. Pic: Tom Oxley

10Arctic Monkeys

The boys stopped by a local hairdressers in New York’s West Side district during our cover shoot, and Alex Turner joked that they’d all get new haircuts to go with the new album. Pic: Tom Oxley

11Arctic Monkeys

A newly-bearded Jamie Cook, guitarist for Arctic Monkeys, poses for the NME cover shoot in New York. For the full lowdown on their new album – plus hanging out with P Diddy and Josh Homme – check out this week’s mag. Pic: Tom Oxley

12Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys at the the Electric Lady studios in New York’s West Village where they finished recording their third album. It was a long process that took in stints in Sheffield, Los Angeles, London, the Mojave Desert and a Suffolk Farmhouse. Grab this week’s NME for the full story. Pic: Tom Oxley

13Arctic Monkeys

By the time NME caught up with Arctic Monkeys last month, they’d finished their third album, and Rich Costey (Muse, Interpol) was beginning to mix it. Pic: Tom Oxley

14Arctic Monkeys

The Electric Lady Studios were a mess of guitars, amps, and effects boxes with names like Deluxe Memory Man and Fender Bender when NME dropped in last month. For an exclusive interview with all four get this week’s mag. Pic: Tom Oxley