Awesome Pics Of Glastonbury Festival From The ‘Pilton Pop’ Exhibition

Getting excited about Glastonbury already? Stave off those festival cravings at Bristol’s Loco Klub which will be hosting Pilton Pop: The Photographic History of Glastonbury Festival, an exhibition of photos from the Glasto’s 46 year history. Taking place from March 18-20, the show will raise money for refugees at Calais and Dunkirk.


Ah, the good old days – Glastonbury before flushable toilets, the Goan fish curry stand and frozen cocktails at 4am in Shangri-La. Welcome to the first ever Glasto, back in 1970, where all these festival go-ers had to entertain them after the music ended was a horse. Cool. (Photo: Brian Walker)


In 1984 temporary prison cells were set up at Bath and West showground, following Margaret Thatcher’s crackdown on the traveller community, including the famous Peace Convoy, who were also at the Stonehenge Free Festival the same month. (Photo: Ian Sumner)


We know how you feel mate. This 2002 snap sums up what happens when you can’t find your tent. (Photo: Ian Sumner)



Known as ‘The Year of the Mud’, Glastonbury 1997 was a particularly grim year by anyone’s standards. The Prodigy, Radiohead and Massive Attack helped to take people’s minds off the icky conditions. (Photo: Ann Cook)


Glasto vets know the best place to get away from it all – whilst not actually leaving the site – is up at The Park stage. Here’s a lovely sunset from 2009 by the Ribbon Tower and the teepees. Chill. (Photo: Matt Cardy)


If you were at Glasto 2007, you might be able to spot your tent here. It’s the blue one, right? No, not that blue one, the other blue one… Oh never mind. (Photo: Matt Cardy)