Hanging with the stars of Glastonbury 2019 – in stunning backstage portraits

We snapped the bands of Glastonbury 2019 in their natural habitat – dressing rooms, bars, and cabanas

There’s one part of Glastonbury a lot of people will never see – the backstage area. You might think it’s an ultra-glamorous place filled with beautiful people running wild, open bars, and unicorns, but you’d be wrong. It’s mostly just a lot of fences, music industry wankers not watching anyone play, and, occasionally, bands posing for the NME camera. Luckily that last bit is as exciting as you’d think, as you can see in the gorgeous pictures below of some of Glastonbury 2019’s hottest acts, taken in the Interstage zone or backstage at the festival’s many stages.



Yak Glastonbury 2019
Carolina Faruolo/NME
Yak might look all serious here but causing chaos is a very serious business, as anyone who witnessed them billow through the William's Green tent on Friday will know.

2Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean Glastonbury 2019
Danny North/NME
New York's finest bring some effortless glamour to the backstage bar before making their Glastonbury debut.


Squid Glastonbury 2019
Andrew Whitton/NME
Here's Squid answering the eternal question of what happens when rhino meets cephalopod.

4Sampa The Great

Sampa The Great Glastonbury 2019
Sampa The Great. Andy Hughes/NME
Zambian singer and rapper Sampa The Great strikes a pose outside her Pussy Parlure set.


Pond Glastonbury 2019
Carolina Faruolo/NME
Aussie psych oddballs Pond look like they're getting into the Glastonbury spirit.

6Pip Blom

Pip Blom Glastonbury 2019
Carolina Faruolo/NME
Dutch newbies Pip Blom are all smiles as they get stuck into their first Glastonbury experience.

7Pale Waves

Pale Waves Glastonbury 2019
Carolina Faruolo/NME
Pale Waves staying true to their all-black goth aesthetic despite the weather going absolutely Balearic.

8Let's Eat Grandma

Let's Eat Grandma Glastonbury 2019
Jenna Foxton/NME
Let's Eat Grandma hanging out before bewitching the William's Green tent on Friday.

9Fontaines DC

Fontaines DC Glastonbury 2019
Fontaines DC at Glastonbury (NME/Carolina Faruolo) Carolina Faruolo/NME

10Easy Life

Easy Life Glastonbury 2019
Easy Life at Glastonbury 2019 Andy Hughes/NME
The lads from Easy Life lie back and live up to their name.

11Frank Turner, Professor Green, and Jordan Stephens

Frank Turner Glastonbury 2019
Danny North/NME
The unlikely trio of Frank Turner, Professor Green, and Rizzle Kicks' Jordan Stephens having a post-panel pow wow after taking part in a series of talks for The Book Of Man.

12Bill Ryder-Jones

Bill Ryder-Jones Glastonbury 2019
Carolina Faruolo/NME
Bill Ryder-Jones here proving that he needs to work on his camouflage.


Bastille Glastonbury 2019
Andrew Whitton/NME
The boys from Bastille looking fresh-faced and ready to conquer the Pyramid Stage on Friday afternoon.

14Amyl And The Sniffers

Amyl And The Sniffers Glastonbury 2019
Amyl And The Sniffers Carolina Faruolo/NME
It's sun's out, tongue's out as far as Amyl And The Sniffers are concerned.


Soak Glastonbury 2019
Andrew Whitton/NME
Bridie Monds-Watson soaks up the atmosphere in the backstage bar.


NME/Danny North
Mattiel relaxes backstage after her killer set on The Park Stage.


Shame Glastonbury 2019
Jenna Foxton/NME
Shame showcase all your strongest festival looks for 2019 - shorts and t-shirt, pyjamas, and wearing too many clothes for this damn heat.

18Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi Glastonbury 2019
Danny North/NME
After trolling Noel Gallagher and playing to a humongous crowd at his first Glastonbury, Lewis Capaldi decided to dress up in a bunch of Stella crates. Why not, eh?

19Boy Azooga

Boy Azooga Glastonbury 2019
Carolina Faruolo/NME
Boy Azooga are clearly very happy to be at Glastonbury.


Babymetal Glastonbury 2019
Carolina Faruolo/NME
Japanese rock stars Babymetal put their horns up before blowing the Other Stage crowd's minds.

21Bring Me The Horizon

The lads were looking very dapper ahead of a killer set on the Other Stage.