Blur – Exclusive Stills From New Film ‘New World Towers’


New Blur documentary ‘New World Towers’ follows their epic summer shows at London’s Hyde Park and in Hong Kong, as well as featuring a series of revelatory interviews with the band. We asked director Sam Wrench to talk us though a series of exclusive stills. The film is set for a limited one day release at select cinemas across the UK on December 2.


Director Sam Wrench: “This is Mong Kok, which is the place which inspired the album artwork and also where we shot the film’s title sequence. It’s this crazy mish-mash of brands and lights and cars and faces. There’s a variable of everything there that you can find in the world!”


Director Sam Wrench: “We interviewed Alex in his kitchen – he’s making an omelette breakfast for his wife. It was the only interview we did with two cameras because he felt like it wasn’t going to freak him out in any way. We talked a lot about the journey from 2009 onwards to the Olympics and how they got to Hong Kong.”



“The thing about the Hong Kong show was to have lots of cameras on stage, so you feel like you’re there too. ‘My Terracotta Heart’ is about Graham and Damon, a lot it was just this shot – it’s a slow song and I was really happy the cameraman found his framing. It encapsulated the song and the intimacy – the fact that the focus is so shallow speaks to how fragile the relationship is in that song.”


Director Sam Wrench: “This was filmed at Damon’s west London studio. We did a couple of chats there. We had the idea to interview them all separately and in their most relaxed settings. We interviewed Graham in his house and then went up to Ally Pally, looking over London. Dave we did in a taxi! ”


Director Sam Wrench: “That was in Hong Kong. It was a big show but much more intimate than Hyde Park so we could be a bit more risky with the shots. They connect so well with the audience and it’s more advantageous to show that in a smaller venue. They were really keen that Hong Kong was a big part of it, because Damon felt it was so important to the album.”


Director Sam Wrench: “I’ve wanted to shoot in Hyde Park forever and we thought it was an interesting point to capture, the return of the band to a venue they’ve played a lot with a new album. Capturing the scale was the main challenge, while keeping it a little bit intimate on stage; their chemistry is made up of sideways glances. We had 15 cameras dotted around.”