Bring Me The Horizon On Tour – 24 Hours With The UK’s Biggest Metal Band

Britain’s fastest-rising heavy rockers Bring Me The Horizon are about to embark on a nine-date UK tour in support of fifth album ‘That’s The Spirit’, where they’ll play to 30,000 fans, trucking about 75,000 kilos of equipment with their 38 crew. NME spent 24 hours in their company, witnessing their vegan catering, crying fans and enormous ‘entertainment cage’.


Frontman Oli Sykes (far right) steps off the band’s giant tour bus outside Vienna’s 3,000 capacity Gasometer venue, closely followed by (left to right) drummer Matt Nicholls, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt ‘Vegan’ Kean and keyboardist Jordan Fish.


“Working out is one vice we all share,” says Oli, gesturing to the tubs of protein supplement lying around. Normally at this time the band are being put through their paces by personal trainer Tom, but today there’s no workout – the band have just broken their weights.


Lunch is a healthy one; the band request avocados, fruit and vegan meat everywhere they go. Oli, Jordan and Matt follow a vegan diet, but Jordan insists, “We’re not crusaders.” The BMTH rider also used to include “a local porno mag” – these days, that kind of flesh is off the menu too. Jordan seems miffed. “Maybe our manager took it off because he decided it was time to grow up.”



Showtime. ‘Happy Song’ is an early highlight – its chantable lyrics are splayed across the giant screens.


Old song ‘Chelsea Smile’ prompts Oli to turn ringmaster. “Vienna, we’re gonna have some fun!” he yells. “Sit down. Go on, sit the f**k down!” The crowd obey, before leaping up as one in the ultimate Mexican wave.