Calvin Harris unveils his ‘human synth’



It seems Calvin Harris will stop at nothing to drum up publicity for his new album 'Ready For The Weekend'. The video accompanying the album's lead-off single – also called 'Ready For The Weekend' – showcases an 'instrument' called the humanthesizer, which supposedly relies on sixteen bikini-clad models to make it work. Pic: James Royal


The innovation works thanks to a new, electricity-conducting body ink developed by students at the Royal College Of Art, London. The ink, when painted on the skin, allows a current to be passed through the body without causing an electric shock. Pic: James Royal


The project is the result of collaboration between Calvin Harris and four masters students from the RCA's Industrial Design Engineering programme. The human synth consists of 34 pads on the floor which have been painted with the conductive ink and connected to a computer. Pic: James Royal



Harris' Twitter rant swiftly moved on from music critics, and began to target the perceived domination of the media by the wealthy: "Rich people's kids getting good reviews because mummy fucked the journo in the '80s," he wrote. "Fuck you, you've done nothing. Absolutely fuck-all." Pic: James Royal



Harris' rant continued: "Imagine you just spent two years of your life making a record. On your own. Every single day, long hours. Then imagine that CD landing on the desk of 'Snide Rich Person's Kid'… then them skipping through the tracks in their lunch break, and saying, "Well it's Calvin Harris, isn't it? Two stars, he's a dickhead." Pic: James Royal


'Ready For The Weekend' has been plagued by poor reviews. The Times called it "puzzlingly banal", and a "joyless bid for dancefloor domination", while the BBC noted that the album would "most likely be picked up by those who get their music from supermarkets". Pic: James Royal


Like many pop stars, Calvin Harris has embraced Twitter as a marketing tool. At last count he had over 75,000 followers. Pic: James Royal



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