Carlos Dengler’s Best Quotes – The Acid Wit Of The Interpol Exile

Carlos D is back! The former Interpol bassist has given a new interview, and he’s not lost his knack for giving great quotes. Here are ten of his best from over the years.


Touring isn’t all glitz and glamour, as Carlos once explained in a tour diary for Spin: “People love to paint a picture of touring in a rock band as a nonstop bacchanal of unfettered partying, but they’re not around when the bus is leaving, a pretty girl winks at you and ‘Common People’ comes on. All you have to look forward to is a thrilling game of Playstation 2. Can we talk about a buzz kill?”


In the same diary, the bassist also shared some of the horrors of the European club scene: “People wearing khakis and grinding to trance music is a hideous sight.”


On the attention surrounding Interpol’s style: “I walk down the street and this is what I see a lot of people wearing. I don’t see what the big hoobaloo is about us. We’re men in the music industry and an artistic, creative environment, and I don’t think it’s well beyond the capacity of a normal human being thinking correctly that we’re dressed as stylishly as we are.”



He may have been painted as a gloomy goth, but Carlos loves trashy TV as much as the rest of us: “I fucking love Desperate Housewives. If they had any reason to put me on that show, I would be there in two seconds flat. I would love to be abused by Eva Longoria.”


Some solid advice given to Dazed & Confused on the subject of his own uniquene style, holsters and all: “Those of us who are extraordinary should not shirk from saying it. I try to fit in when I can, but that doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in being different.”


In Interpol’s first NME cover feature in 2003, Carlos shared one surprising ambition: “I need to be a game show host at some point in my life. I might have to change my image, but otherwise I was born for it.”


On the press talking more about their image than music: “If you look as good as we do, you can’t blame them.”



On drinking for 12 hours in a Palm Springs hotel pool, surrounded by families: “I looked like a dark angel emerging from the fallen ashes of some soul-stealing post-midnight bonfire ritual.”