Check Out These Portraits Of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Drake And More – Made From Emojis

What do you get when you put together a woman dancing in a red dress, a winky face, a blue dolphin and a chicken drumstick? Some kind of aquatic wedding buffet? No! It’s the left part of Miley Cyrus’ face! In possibly the most modern thing ever, Instagram user Emojiniggas has combined some of 2015’s most recognisable faces with everyone’s favourite modern hieroglyphs to create a series of portraits made solely from emojis. From Lil’ Wayne to Kim K, it turns out there’s no-one who can’t be rendered in tiny text pics. Check out the best of them below.


Look closely, and you’ll notice that neo-soul crooner The Weeknd’s hair is made of microphones. The man is literally made of music.


It’s America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift, who is so full of love for her #squad that she’s pure heart from the neck down. Her hair, meanwhile, is made of beers and goats which, surely, is equally of significance.


Bad gal RiRi is such a rebel that even her cheeks are made of take-no-shit angry faces. 10 bonus points for shoehorning an ‘S.O.S’ reference on the side.



Vivienne Westwood might be one of the world’s most noted fashion designers, but was her hat for Pharrell made of moons? No, ma’am.


You get the feeling that Miley would be fully on board with this emoji rendering of her. Packed with everything from basketballs to hazard signs, it wouldn’t look out of place in Cyrus’ own Dirty Hippie art project.


And here is burger Drake, getting all emosh after loaf of bread Madonna plants a smacker on him at Coachella. Of course.


Jay-Z, however, is probably the only man who can still look like a bad-ass business mogul even when he’s partially made of pigs.



And here’s A$AP Rocky who is, quite literally, the bomb(s).