Classic photo shoots from the NME archive


Kings Of Leon looking ridiculously fresh-faced in early 2003, around the time of their debut EP, ‘Holy Roller Novocaine’. We travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to meet them. Bassist Jared Followill was just 16 at the time.


The Strokes shot backstage post-gig in LA in 2002. They were still in the first flush of success – ‘Is This It’ had come out the previous summer – and even though Julian had injured his leg just before this photo was taken (hence the slight grimace), he and the rest of the band were partying hard.


The Killers in 2004, around the time of the ‘Somebody Told Me’ single. We shot them, not in their native Vegas, but on a lit-up dance floor in London’s King’s Cross. In the accompanying interview, Brandon confessed: “If I got a dollar for every time I was propositioned up to some MILF’s room, I’d be a rich man” (this being 2004, we had to explain the term MILF in brackets).



Franz Ferdinand were recording their debut album in Malmo, Sweden, when we interviewed them for their first NME one-pager. They released their debut single ‘Darts Of Pleasure’ around the same time. This being 2003, The Darkness were on the cover and there was a giant poster of The Datsuns.


The Maccabees’ first appearance in the pages of NME, November 2005, around the time of their debut single release, ‘X Ray’.


My Chemical Romance’s first NME photo shoot, 2004. They’d just released ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ and in those days were still into all things gothic, so they were well up for this horror movie-themed shoot.


Crystal Castles, shot at photographer Tom Oxley’s studio in Dalston, 2008. Marian Paterson: “They’re quite mysterious and difficult to shoot but that tension is what makes them interesting. Nathan had a strong of idea of how he wanted himself and Alice to be portrayed. We were amazed by how fragile and delicate Alice looks in person, completely opposite to her onstage persona.”



Paramore photographed in their hometown of Franklin, Tennessee, in June 2007, shortly before the release of their second album ‘Riot!’