Daft Punk Unmasked – Check Out These Archive Pictures Of The Duo Without Their Helmets On

Ever wondered what Daft Punk looked like before they morphed into chart-conquering robots? Well, thanks to Daft Bootlegs, a fan site dedicated to pulling together a comprehensive audio, visual and written history of the French duo, you can: dating back to their early live shows over here in the UK, the site offers a rare insight into photographs of Daft Punk before they became completely and utterly famous and redefined dance music as we know it.


Ah, the masks are coming off – let’s get a good look at the pair of you… oh, come on lads, get your hands away from your faces!


Here are Thomas and Guy-Man, larking behind a window. Musical geniuses, the both of them – honest.


This elderly French gentleman wasn’t particularly elated at being picture next to the genre-defining dance duo.



Here’s another still from their debut Tribal Gathering set – so young, so innocent.


Here’s the duo performing at Glasgow’s Arches in January 1997 – where’s Guy-Man’s hair gone?!


The pair returned to Tribal Gathering in 1997, and, judging by their muddy boots, it was a bit of a boggy affair.


Southampton’s Guidhall was entertained by the silhouetted figures of Daft Punk back in October 1997.



An-Fer club in Dijon, France played host to a homecoming gig of sorts for Daft Punk in November 1997 – Guy-Man had clearly made peace with his buzz cut by this point.


Le Queen Club in Paris was a favoured haunt of Daft Punk circa 1997, playing many a ‘Respect Party’ at the club.


And we close with this shot from the 1998 Winter Music Conference – Guy-Man predicting Fred Durst’s look a full two years before Limp Bizkit found an unlikely route to fame and fortune.