First World Problems: 20 Of The Funniest Rock Star Moans


1Tom Meighan

Tom Meighan
Ed Miles
Life as a music superstar isn’t all champagne parties on yachts, you know. Some of them have some serious first world problems to contend with - take Kasabian’s Tom Meighan for example, who was asked recently the last time he got really angry: “I was on a train and I ordered a sausage and it had herbs in it. You don’t want fucking herbs in a sausage!”

2Noel Gallagher

Dean Chalkley
The stress of starring in big money music videos is almost too much for Noel Gallagher: “The biggest pain in the fucking arse ever. A guy actually said to me on a video shoot ‘can you do that bit again but with more energy in your eyes?’ I have no idea what he meant," he moans on Oasis' 'Time Flies' DVD. "Do you want me to stare at you like a fucking serial killer? Nonsense.”

3Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a Larry David moment: "That moment when you buy scissors then you try to open them but you can't because you DON'T HAVE SCISSORS."

4Kanye West

Amy Brammall
Nothing grinds Kanye West's gears like water bottle litterbugs: "I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle" he tweeted back before his went on social media amnesty.

550 Cent

If you can't find 50 Cent in da club, try the bins out by his nan's house. “I can't belive [sic] my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I'm rich fuck this I'm going home I don't need this shit,” he tweeted in 2011.

6Puff Daddy

Puff Daddy
During these trying economic times please take a moment to think of Puff Daddy having to fly on a commercial airline and not a private jet because of fuel prices: “Your boy Diddy is on American Airlines. If y'all would please send me some oil for my jet I would appreciate it. But right now I'm actually flying commercial."

7DJ Yoda

DJ Yoda
"So stressful wearing brand new trainers in the club.” We feel you, DJ Yoda.

8Elton John

At least Elton John knows when he’s been a bit over the top with his whinging – in a 2004 interview, he revealed: “Drugs bring out the darkest side of your soul eventually. And the unrealistic life, the craziness. I mean, I rang up the office from a London hotel and said it was too windy, could they do something about it. How crazy is that? Stop the wind! I was serious.”


Solving the world’s problems and playing sold out U2 shows to adoring fans around the world is all well and good but it means Bono doesn’t get to hang out with his imaginary pets: “You know, on a long tour you do hear people saying they miss their pets. I never have. But last night I started really missing my dog. It's very odd, because I don't have a dog.”

10Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding
Tom Oxley
Ellie Goulding on the crushing disappointment of modern confectionary: "On the subject of Smarties, they don't taste like they used to. In fact now they just taste gross. Genuinely disappointed."

11Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr
Steve Shipman
You know Ringo Starr’s problem? He’s too adored by fans. The drummer once famously had to plea with Beatles fans to stop sending him fan mail: “I’m warning you with peace and love I have too much to do. So no more fan mail. Thank you, thank you. And no objects to be signed, nothing. Peace and love, peace and love.”

12Tyler The Creator

Tom Oxley
"When People Say I Inspire Them To Like, Idk, Enjoy Life, That Shit Is Weird And Awkward For Me.” Jeez everyone, stop finding Tyler The Creator so inspiring, it's, like, totally awkward for him!

13Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis
“When a plane doesn’t have wi-fi it’s like I’m in a fucking shitty canoe." Poor Dillon Francis.

14Jack White

Jo McCaughey
Jack White wants to know why they make shoelaces so long. He has a point. "I'm very much like Larry David in my everyday. Complaining about, you know, why they make shoelaces so much longer than they need to be."


Right, who stole Macklemore’s good pillow? “Where did my good pillow go!? All the sudden I got 5 Holiday Inn pillows. Like 2 feet tall and hella hard. #IMTRYINGTOSLEEP” he tweeted last year.


David Edwards
Bet Disclosure are still feeling pretty raw about this: “Just had the worst sushi I’ve ever eaten thanks to @Wok_On_Air …. Wouldn’t even give me a refund.”

17Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran just can't catch a break, not even in his luxury hotel suite, the poor tyke: "Hotels need to put plugs closer to the beds," he complained via Twitter last year.


Deadmau5 has SO many problems it can be hard to remember how to spell delicious. Here’s the DJ having a terrible time at a Melbourne restaurant: “The food here is pretty gross, customer service sucks, and ... What internet? Thanks @crownmelbourne DELECIOUS!

19Justin Bieber

We all know that feeling, Justin Bieber: “u know when u are trying to be all smooth & sexy & release something cool on a countdown & then your bus internet sucks...#buslifeproblems”

20Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter
Pop star Aaron Carter meanwhile has the most middle class of all middle class problems. Damn quinoa: “I have a piece of quinoa stuck in my throat.... Ugh” is the sort of gold you're missing if you're not following him on Twitter.