Florence + The Machine’s Intimate War Child Gig In Pictures

Florence Welch might be a festival-topping, arena-conquering megastar, but last week she played a tiny, beautiful gig in a church in Hackney


Florence + The Machine performing at London’s Heaven as part of BRITs Week 2016 together with O2, raising funds for War Child. Go to warchild.org.uk/passport for more details.


Florence Welch and her band played a stripped back set at St-John-At-Hackney Church last Friday (February 26), including a harp, 12-string guitar and occasional trumpet in the reduced line-up.


The crowd cheered and chanted “We want more” for a long time after Florence had left the stage, with fans staying put even after music began to play over the PA. Eventually, the lights came up and the eager audience spilled back out onto the street.