Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Battle Illness During Blistering Jack Rocks’ Show In Brighton

In conjunction with Jack Daniel’s ‘Jack Rocks’ series, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes performed a blistering set at The Haunt in Brighton on Saturday night. Ever the showman, Carter rallied through illness to provide the sold-out crowd with a typically vicious and compelling live show.


As is standard for a Frank Carter show, crowd participation was actively encouraged and the fans were more than happy to oblige.


It took only a couple songs before guitarist Dean Richardson began surfing the riotous crowd, while still performing expertly alongside bandmates Thomas Mitchener (bass) and Memby Jago (drums).


Despite illness, Carter was typically animated as the band raced through cuts from their debut album ‘Blossom’, which was released last year.



“I never cancel shows but I really can’t do this. I’ve just thrown up a weeks worth of food up out there.” Carter told the crowd after he left the stage due to illness – nevertheless he soldiered on relentlessly during their set which moved at break-neck speed.


At one point in the show, an enthusiastic fan climbed the huge stack of guitar amps and launched himself into the welcoming crowd.


The crowd were more than happy to help Carter on vocals, as the capacity venue roared along to every line. With a huge smile on his face, Carter told the punters; “You lot are mesmerising. I should pay to see you lot!” as they filled in on vocals for the sick frontman.