Glastonbury 2016: Things Have Got Even Muddier Down On Worthy Farm

It’s an inevitable fact of life that if you go to Glastonbury, you will return home caked in at least 10 inches of mud, dirt and any discarded beer cans and cigarette stubs that get trapped in between. Don’t let that kill your vibe, though – just go with it and you’ll still have the best weekend of your life. Until next year, that is.


It’s always best to come well-equipped in the footwear department when you’re headed to Glastonbury. Imagine wearing sandals in this.


This sad swan slowly deflating into the swamp is basically all of us on Monday morning.


You might forget what colour your boots were originally by the end of the weekend, but if your shoes haven’t turned brown by Monday morning (or within five minutes of being on site) you’ve been doing it all wrong.



Get trained in wading through the Glasto mud early on and you’re set for life.


As it turns out, even wellies can be used to make a political statement when your whole country fucks up. Who knew?!


By the time it comes to leave the mud behind, you’ll almost feel like you miss it. Almost.