Halloween special – our spookiest ever photo shoots


Remember The Scare? Probably not, but the Australian screamos had the odd good tune, and their name lent itself to nasty photo shoots like this blood-stained session.


Blood Red Shoes did the fiendish honours for us back in 2007, posing as characters from Carrie in a London shoot.


Dave Grohl holds the severed heads of the Foo Fighters for the 2007 Halloween issue cover.



The fun continued inside the issue, with all four members getting their freak on.


Fever Ray are masters of dressing up and exploring their weird side, and this shot from last September is no exception. The first phase of their promotion campaign saw Karin reference an obscure tribe that painted goulish skeletons on their faces.


Sons And Daughters take a breather during a break in rehearsing ahead of their Hallowe’en appearance at an in-store at Rough Trade East, London on October 21st 2007.


Back before he was a chart-topping soul crooner, Plan B was trying to pursue a rap career (somthing he’s going back to with his next LP). It involved covering himself in fake blood for an NME photoshoot in mid-2006.



Enter Shikari dressed as The Baseball Furies from the film The Warriors in 2007, an idea stolen from My Chemical Romance’s 2005 cover shot.


Mike Skinner holds a special funeral for his record label The Beats in December 2007. He later went on to drench the ‘label’ in absinthe and set it on fire.


Electronic singer-wongwriter FrYars poses in Nunhead Cemetary with a couple of knives for a 2007 NME Radar feature.


Australian pop punkers Operator Please decided to dress up as The Addams Family back in 2007. Gypsy & The Cat and Mr Fogg play a special Halloween Ball tonight at London’s Club NME. Head to KOKO’s website for more info and tickets.