How musicians voted in the general election


Take Take songwriter Gary Barlow was outed as a Tory supporter a few weeks ago when he joined David Cameron on the campaign at Brine Leas High School, in Nantwich, Cheshire. He was there ostensibly to promote a ‘School Stars’ singing competition but admitted he was a Conservative backer when asked.


Kasabian’s Tom Meighan used the band’s NME cover feature last month to claim he’d “set fire” to members of the Conservative Party if they used any of their songs for their campaign. David Cameron is apparently a big fan of The Killers and Radiohead.


While neither Chris Martin nor Coldplay have come out in definite support for a party, he was seen at a Commons event hosted by the Lib Dems recently. Johnny Borrell of Razorlight was also at the event.


Simon Cowell

Perhaps unsurprisingly Simon Cowell has come out in support of the Conservatives, saying David Cameron “is the Prime Minister Britain needs at this time”. He branded Labour “tired” and accused the Liberal Democrats of having no policies in that bastion of impartiality, The Sun.


Brian May is voting Labour, down in no small part to their stance on fox hunting and support for his campaign. Gordon Brown recently said, “I want to put on record my admiration for Brian May’s campaign to keep hunting with dogs illegal. I’m happy to add my voice to the tens of thousands of other who have already backed his campaign.”


Noel Gallagher announced this week that he’s voting Tevez. Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez, that is. “I’m not voting for anyone” he told FA TV this week. “I’m just gonna take me voting card and I’m gonna put in massive letters ‘Tevez is god’!.


Craig David is putting the love making on hold this Thursday to vote Conservative (love making will resume as normal tomorrow). According to The Mirror the singer said he would love the party to use his track ‘Fill Me In’ for their campaign but as yet they haven’t taken him up on the offer.



Bard of Barking Billy Bragg announced his support for the Liberal Democrats on April 22nd. He said he’d previously voted Labour to keep the Conservatives out, but now thinks Labour have taken the working class vote for granted, and that a three-way race would be more interesting, according to a recent interview with the Evening Standard.


Nicky Wire predicted the possibility of a hung parliament back in November in a We Want Answers interview with NME. “I think the best Labour can hope for is the Tories having a really small majority, even a hung parliament,” he said. “I’m not happy about it and I think Labour have missed a massive chance. They’ve been so defensive and incompetent over the last two years.”


Blur drummer Dave Rowntree is standing as Labour candidate for London and Westminster, and you can read about his plans on his site. He recently branded David Cameron a “Smiths tourist” rather than a fan, after the Conservative leader declared his love for the band.


Hot Chocolate frontman and voice behind ‘You Sexy Thing’ Errol Brown won an MBE for his services to popular music in 2003. He’s widely-known to be a supporter of the Conservative party.



Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman is a multi-millionaire, but like all good Tories, he’d rather not pay a penny more in taxes than necessary. “I’ve suffered from Labour taxes forever, it was 93% at one point, and has been getting back that way with Gordon Brown,” he told Rolling Stone recently. “Would you vote that in? No, I shall never vote Labour ever again.”


Girls Aloud haven’t followed their girl-group predecessors The Spice Girls in backing the Tories – indeed, Cheryl Cole positively loathes David Cameron. “Brrrrr, slippery isn’t he?” she told Q. “We’ve always been Labour in our family, it just feels wrong not to be. Better the devil you know.”


Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley will be voting Conservative, as always. He’s such a dedicated Tory he even spoke at their party conference in 2007: “The fabric of society is torn,” he told the assembled throng. “We need Cameron to be more like Thatcher, to say enough is enough.”


Lily Allen has been courted by both Labour and the Conservatives, but she refused to become a spokesman for either. However, today (May) she posted a picture on her Twitter page that showed her voting Labour, together with a caption: “Come on the reds!”


Brian Eno will be voting Lib Dem, not least because he’s been hired as the party’s adviser on youth issues. Open being appointed to the job, the former Roxy Music man said: “The Lib Dems are the effective opposition and I hope that, the election after next, they will be the opposition and maybe the one after that they will be the government.”


It’s said that David Cameron was a big Phil Collins fan while at University – so he’d be delighted if the Genesis man turned out to be a Tory. However, despite supposedly threatening to leave the country if Labour won in 1997, Collins claims he is not a Conservative supporter. He just happens to live in a tax haven, the stingy git.


And to round things off, here’s The Sun‘s ludicrous election day front page. Let us know who you’ll be voting for over on the office blog.