Icons of the 80s, by Peter Anderson


A new exhibition celebrates the NME photography of Peter Anderson. Then And There, Here And Now runs until September 26 at The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street, London. Pictured here is Madonna, in Soho, 1983, shortly after releasing her first hit, ‘Holiday’.


The Rolling Stones outside Le Beate Route club, Soho, 1982. It was unusual for a veteran rock group to play there. Along with the Blitz club, Beate Route was instrumental in popularising the New Romantic scene, hosting gigs by the likes of Culture Club and Spandau Ballet.


U2’s Bono puts his fists up, Madrid, 1986. A few months later, U2 released ‘The Joshua Tree’ and became one of the biggest bands in the world.



Joe Strummer photographed in Shoreditch, 1988 – a time when the ex-Clash man was in the wilderness, career-wise, and east London was still a pretty bleak and derelict place, as opposed to the hipster haven it is now.


Henry Rollins, shot in the mid-80s, back when he still fronted hardcore punks Black Flag. These days he’s less angry shouter, more cerebral media figure. In addition to his spoken-word tours, he has recently appeared as an actor in the TV drama Sons Of Anarchy, and writes a column for Vanity Fair online.


Metallica haven’t often appeared in the pages of NME, but they did in 1987. In the background is bass player Justin Newsted, who had recently joined the band in the wake of Cliff Burton’s death.


Marvin Gaye, west Hollywood, photographed for NME in 1982, the same year he released ‘Sexual Healing’. Gaye died two years later, after being shot by his father.