Inside Abbey Road: A Google VR Experience In Collaboration With NME

See what happens when Google Cardboard joins with NME to offer readers a very special VR experience

Thousands of Google Cardboards are given away free with this week’s NME, allowing readers to try out VR and go Inside Abbey Road when they download a free app available via iOS and Google Play. Here are all the best pictures of the collaboration in action.


Within minutes, readers could have their own VR experience by connecting their Google Cardboard to a Smartphone and downloading the Inside Abbey Road app.


Some people like to experience VR for a longer period of time than others, but almost everyone gets the hang of it pretty easily.


A special Inside Abbey Road experiential space takes place in London’s Kings Cross station from Thursday to Saturday, enabling commuters to try out the app while they wait for their trains.



Everyone’s experience of VR is a little bit different, so it’s interesting seeing how some people move around so much more than others.