It turns out Adele’s face fits perfectly onto every album cover ever

If Adele’s not storming the charts across the globe, she’s rapping along to Nikki Minaj’s verse on ‘Monster’ while driving around London with James Corden (of course that video went viral and caused the track to re-enter the iTunes charts). Well, London-based artist and illustrator Pello has a made a startling discovery: you can take the close-up of Adele from her world-devouring third album ’25’ and plaster it seamlessly onto any album cover ever made. Check out the proof below.


New York glam-metallers Kiss were at loggerhead by the time they recorded their commercially successful seventh album ‘Dynasty’. A certain Tottenham balladeer could probably have smoothed things over.


Adele covered the Bob Dylan song ‘Make You Feel My Love’ on her debut album ’19’, so they’re more compatible than you might think. Further evidence: her face fits perfectly onto his.


Michael Jackson’s seventh record, featuring ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’, is widely considered to be his greatest artistic statement, as a he had near-total creative control, writing nine of its eleven tracks. The 1987 album is almost perfect and could only possibly be improved by having Adele’s face superimposed on the cover.



Heroes: the late David Bowie’s classic 1977 album. He remixed the cover himself for 2013 comeback album The Next Day, which plastered the album title over his own face. Turns out Adele’s works just as well, too.


The widely ridiculed album art for Lady Gaga’s 2011 release Born This Way features her face Photoshopped onto the front of a motorbike. This alternate cover is simply a close-up of her grill. Is this Adele/Gaga mash-up any weirder than the motorbike version? It is not.