The Kooks take us inside the studio – exclusive pics and interview

Looking back on their career so far, the Brighton bunch are combining greatest hits, b-sides and new material

To many, The Kooks are best known for their debut album, 2006’s ‘Inside In/Inside Out’. Tracks like ‘Naïve,’ ‘She Moves in Her Own Way’ and ‘Ooh La’ soundtracked noughties indie discos, at a time when Camden squatter hairdos, denim jackets and ripped jeans were all the rage.

Over a decade on from ‘Inside In/Inside Out’’s release, The Kooks are back with their new compilation album. Casting a nostalgic eye while delivering a dose of the new, it’s a little different from what you might expect. Just in time for the band’s upcoming UK tour, the Brighton born four piece are set to release a best of album. ‘The Best Of… So Far’ boasts 19 songs in total, including hits like ‘Shine On’ and ‘Seaside,’ plus a few added extras along the way. In addition to the classics, it includes two new tracks, ‘Be Who You Are’ and ‘Broken Vow.’ Grab yourself the deluxe and you’ll find 20 demos and alternative recordings.

Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard tells all below, coupled with behind-the-scenes photos taken by the album’s producer, Brandon Friesen.

Text: Cecilia Dinwoodie

The Kooks play Isle Of Wight Festival, 8-11 June