Latitude With Attitude – See Our Stunning Photos Of The Glorious 2016 Festival

From New Order’s dazzling lightshow to newcomer Declan McKenna stealing the show, relive the magic moments of Latitude. As The Maccabees singer Orlando Weeks told NME: “It’s a festival to get lost in.”


One day, Christine And The Queens won’t want to get her groove on. Until then, it’s a spectacle to light up any festival.


“You’ve got a lot of technique… and lasers.” New Order were a dazzling way to round off Latitude with their Sunday lightshow to accompany hits like ‘True Faith’ and ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’.


Hands up who loves ‘Marks To Prove It’? The Maccabees were a triumph at their first major festival headline show, proving Latitude’s policy of giving acts their first headline slot pays off.



John Grant wonders what the hell is wrong with his mirror.