Boy Better Know’s game-changing Glastonbury set in photos

The premier grime crew proved why grime is having a moment with their headline set on Glastonbury's Other Stage on Sunday night (June 26)

Grime’s resurgence over the last couple of years has now reached peak levels. While its stars have individually been busy racking up awards, chart-topping singles and albums, and selling out increasingly impressive venues across the globe, Sunday night (June 26) at Glastonbury saw OG crew Boy Better Know come together to help showcase each other’s star power.

Whether you watched it unravel in front of your eyes at Worthy Farm or just on the BBC coverage from the comfort of home, you’ll know it felt like a big moment for a genre that’s already dominating the music scene, both in the UK and abroad. It was one of those performances that you’ll want to remember for a very long time – aid your memory with these stunning shots from the set.