“I got butterflies in my vagina”: Cardi B’s 12 most candid quotes so far

She's really good at being famous

Cardi B: arguably the biggest rapper in the world right now. Her upcoming album is out next month and so she’s doing the rounds to promote it – good news for those of us that love massive LOLs, because Cardi is funny as fuck. That’s why she became Instagram-famous before she was the breakout star of VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop. Then, of course, came ‘Bodak Yellow’, her world-devouring hit that opens with the fierce lyric, “Said, ‘Little bitch, you can’t fuck with me‘”. It’s a typically brash and brilliant line from a woman who’s full of ’em, so here are 12 of her greatest quotes yet. Keep ’em coming, Cardi.