Club NME is back! All the pictures from the Rick-Grohlling night of surprises

It's not every day that you get to witness your favourite indie night of days gone by resurrected, like a phoenix from the ashes, to once again reign supreme over your Friday night social calendar. It's also not every day that one of the world's greatest living rock stars pops up unannounced at a 300 capacity venue in East London. But last Friday was not any other day, and Club NME is not any other club night. Take a look at what happened when legendary Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl payed a visit to the newly re-launched Club NME at Hackney's Moth Club. Oh, and did we mention that he brought Rick Astley along for the ride?

Kicking off the night with the man in white

Saint Leonard at Club NME

Club NME is back with a bang, and who better to start the proceedings than rising star Saint Leonard

It feels like things are heating up

Saint Leonard at Club NME

The band launch into an enthusiastic set, and the venue is already packed to the rafters.

How many indie bands does it take to start a club night?

Saint Leonard at Club NME

Hold on a second… Isn’t that a Horror AND a Klaxon we spy in the backing band?


Lighting up the room

Saint Leonard at Club NME

The band round off a great set by treating fans to new single ‘Light Years’. What a way to start the evening.

Do you think somebody let the big secret out?

Club NME at Moth Club

Hackney’s Moth Club has never seen so many lustrous Grohl-inspired barnets

The rumours were true

Dave Grohl at Club NME

That’s right. None other than Mr. David Eric Grohl has arrived at Moth Club to join Club NME for a very special secret set, kicking off with early Foo Fighters’ gem ‘Big Me’… and he didn’t even have time for a pre-drink at Hackney ‘Spoons.

Is it too soon to ask for a selfie?

Foo Fighters' Rami Jaffee at Club NME

Even Foo Fighters’ keyboardist Rami Jaffee can’t quite believe it. He’s been waiting outside with a sleeping bag for 12 hours.


Sure we’ve all been Rick-rolled, but have you ever been Rick-GROHLLED

Rick Astley and Dave Grohl at Club NME

You have now. 80s legend Rick Astley suprised fans by leaping up to join Dave behind the drumkit, but it wasn’t long before he’d taken command of the mic for a glorious rendition of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’

He just wants to tell you how he’s feeling

Dave Grohl and Rick Astley at Club NME

Is the answer EUPHORIC Rick? It certainly feels that way from down in the crowd

Rami’s rider was pretty simple

Foo Fighters' Rami Jaffee at Club NME

-6 pack of Stella
– Tube of ready salted Pringles
– Cage of baying fans to cheer him on from the sidelines

Name a more iconic duo

Dave Grohl and Rick Astley

Rick gets back behind the drums to accompany Dave as he launches into more Foos classics. *Ahem* Taylor who?


They don’t call him the nicest man in rock for nothing

Dave Grohl at Club NME

Dave knows what the people want and he’s about to give it to them. That’s right, that’s the face of a man who has just played the opening bars of ‘Everlong’.

There goes my hero

Dave Grohl at Club NME

There was not a vocal-chord in the room left undamaged as fans hollered every lyric at a glass-shattering volume

This club night is a Different Class

Dave Grohl at Club NME

“I was expecting 20 people that wanted to hear Pulp songs or whatever” Dave tells the packed crowd before launching into fan favourite ‘Best Of You’. Um? You obviously haven’t danced to ‘Common People’ after 15 ciders, Dave.

Hands up if you’re coming back next month

Club NME relaunch

If only NME could bottle the sweaty joy in this room we’d be millionaires. We’d obviously name it Best Of Foo.

It’s Times Like These…

Dave Grohl at Club NME

…that you can be truly thankful your good friends at Club NME are on hand to deliver you the best Friday night East London has to offer.

What if I say he’s not like the others

Dave Grohl and Rick Astley at Club NME

You gotta give credit where it’s due, and I think we all know who the man of the hour is here.

Have we just uncovered a new rock hero?

Club NME relaunch

OK hands up who’s secretly hoping they match with Rick on Hinge later?

Come on guys just one more song!

Dave Grohl and Rami at Club NME

The trio leave the stage to raucous applause. “Maybe we’ll bring the whole band next time” Dave tells us, as Rick immediately calls in a hit on a certain other drummer.

For all your DJ needs


The night didn’t end there: NME DJs Mark and Lisa (aka Wineman and Cheeky Legend) carried on spinning tunes (and getting pissed on vino tinto) until the wee hours.

Together Forever

Dave Grohl and Rick Astley at Club NME

Backstage the Rick Grohlling continued as Dave and Rick remained inseparable in the green room.

An outfit change for Saint Leonard

Saint Leonard Club NME

Still looking dapper as ever, Saint Leonard poses backstage at MOTH.

Which one of you is going to give NME a ride home then?

Dave Grohl and Rick Astley at Club NME

No seriously guys, don’t all volunteer at once. We’ll buy you a cheeseburger from the drive-through Maccas?

Disco 2019

Club NME relaunch

The 20 Pulp fans who weren’t aware Dave was coming finally get their moment. JUST KIDDING, this night is only just getting started!

Get on yer dancing shoes

Club NME August 2019

And with the floor-fillers continuing until 1am, Club NME was well and truly reborn.