Lana Del Rey’s glittering secret SXSW show in pictures

The artist played her first live show of 2017 at Austin's SXSW festival

It’s been three weeks since Lana Del Rey broke the internet with her glowy new track, ‘Love’. Having racked up a cool 35 million YouTube views on one single in less than a month, it seems as though Lana’s as-yet-untitled fifth album can’t come soon enough.

But fans, rest assured; the Del Rey wheel is hard at work. On Friday night, Lana treated attendees of Austin’s SXSW to a glittering secret show at the Apple Music Space. Drawing on some of her most popular repertoire and finishing up with the live debut of ‘Love’, Lana proved that she’s been hard at work since releasing 2015’s ‘Honeymoon’.

Here’s exactly what went down at Lana Del Rey’s secret SXSW show.