Laneway Festival 2018 – the story of the Australian festival’s Melbourne stop

The Melbourne edition of the down-under festival brought scorching sunshine to a February afternoon

While the UK might be battling off a harsh, freezing winter, over in Australia right now it’s all blue skies and sunny days. Aussie festival season is in full swing, and Laneway is its pinnacle. Spread across numerous cities in Australia, as well as pit-stops in Singapore and New Zealand, the myriad of down-under destinations are treated to a heap of the best musical offerings from across the globe.

Under blazing sunshine, this year’s Melbourne edition brought the festival to the shores of the Maribyrnong River, overlooking the city’s stunning skyline. With a host of familiar British faces taking the trip halfway round the world, and some local big-hitters drawing huge, adoring crowds, Laneway 2018 made for an early but welcome kick-start to 2018’s packed run of festivals.