Liam Gallagher rates his best and worst haircuts

He tells us about some “absolute fucking corkers”

Wembley Stadium, 2000

Liam: “I’m loving that. Bit of an Ian Brown vibe. Yeah, going to do a gig man after you’ve just got divorced [from Patsy Kensit]. No matter what, even if you work at Pret A Manger, you’d still kick off wouldn’t you. You’d be like that, ‘Here’s your chicken salad, you cunt.’”

The F Word, 2011

Liam: “Barber got that one wrong. That was meant to be a Ramones type thing, but it was a bit too Dougal from The Magic Roundabout.”

NME Awards, 2001

Liam: “Yeah, that’s peak. 10 out of 10. I look cool there mate. I’m loving it .That was when Peter Kay slagged off my jacket. He went, ‘Fucking mum’s jacket down the bingo.’ At least I can get in my mum’s jacket you fat fucker.”


In the street, 1997

Liam: “Without a doubt 10 out of 10 mate. That’s proper gear mate, proper. I was peak at that time. I’d just given it to a fucking photographer there as well.”

Maine Road, 1996

Liam: “Magic. I went backstage there was some player’s fucking Umbro gear just sitting there and I thought, ‘I’m having a bit of that’, tried it on, fucking freebie innit and, and I fucking pinched it and fucking wore it. Our kid should have put the ref’s gear on shouldn’t he, and we could’ve all sung “who’s that bastard in the black”.”

Q Awards, 2000

“I’m having that all day, that’s 10 out of 10, that’s peak. I dyed the tips of it ‘cos Keith Richards used to do it years ago when he was on smack and I thought, ‘Fuck it, it will give me an edge’.”

Talking to journalists, 1996

Liam: “I’m having that one.”
NME: I think that’s when you were telling journalists you couldn’t go on tour because you and Patsy Kensit had forgotten to buy a house.
Liam: “Yeah why not mate, family comes first.”


John Squire art exhibition opening, 2007

Liam: “Not having that one. It’s not funny. I was meant to be going into my George Harrison mode but didn’t pull it off. I look like my fucking cousin Sharron there. Alright Shazza. I should of had it cut in a bit more, but never mind.”

Finsbury Park, 2002

Liam: “I’m having that one as well. Monstrous gig that. Dangerous. Down the front was fucking rotten.”

Glastonbury Festival, 1994

Liam: “Mega. That is the one. That’s the one [my son] Gene likes. He’s like, ‘that’s when you looked the fucking best man’. Priceless.”

Going out for dinner, 2009

Liam: “That’s my fucking Italian ultra ‘who fucking wants it’ haircut. Not too keen on it. But yeah they [sideburns] are bad boys. My psoriasis was giving me havoc in them days. I get all these white flakey bits on my head. After our first gig at Glastonbury some geezer come over and I’d been scratching my fucking hair all day, and he’s gone, ‘Fucking hell man, I can’t fucking believe it, its fucking him man, it’s Liam Gallagher’, and I’d just done the gig, so I was like that, sweating, and I was like, ‘Yeah yeah yeah’ and no one asked for my autograph or anything like that and he’s going ‘Steve, Steve, come here, fucking look, he’s even got cocaine in his fucking hair man’, and he’s pulling these bit’s of shit out of me hair and putting it on his gums and the pair of them are both stood there and ramming it up their noses and I was going, ‘It’s fucking psoriasis’. There’s some strange cats out there.”