Happy 4/20 – Here’s the best band weed merch

It’s 4/20, so what better than a look at the musicians selling papers to make paper?

Some musicians really, really like weed. When they’re not making music, they smoke weed. When they’re not making music or smoking weed, they talk about smoking weed. They’re like the guy on your Facebook wall who solely posts pictures of him posing with giant spliffs, captioned “#weedlife #cannabis #smokeweedeveryday.” They’re the opposite of Drake, a man who’s cancelled not one but two shows in Amsterdam, because the poor bloke can’t handle the stuff.

These musicians are so committed to the kush that they’ve invented their own, self-branded weed merchandise. After all, nothing says ‘I smoke weed, get over it’ like a grinder or a pack of rolling papers with your own band name plastered everywhere.