Watch Kid Cudi perform with Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott in his first appearance since rehab

The rapper has been undergoing treatment for depression

Kid Cudi has made his first public performance since entering rehab.

The rapper has been undergoing treatment for depression. In a Facebook post in October, he told fans: “I am not at peace. I haven’t been since you’ve known me. If I didn’t come here, I would’ve done something to myself… I’m scared, I’m sad, I feel like I let a lot of people down and again, I’m sorry. It’s time I fix me. I’m nervous but I’ma get through this.”

As Stereogum reports, Cudi did not address the comments Drake recently made about him new song ‘Two Birds, One Song’. Instead, he performed tracks like ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’, ‘The Frequency’, ‘Erase Me’, ‘Way Back’ and more with Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott.

He also took the time during the set to tell the ComplexCon festival crowd: “I love every single one of you! We can get through this shit! We can make it through! I am living proof!”

Watch Kid Cudi perform in footage from the Californian gig below.

Cudi responded to Drake’s lyrical diss last week, when he challenged him to “say it to [my] face, pussy”. “You think it’s a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I’ll be out soon. Promise,” he continued.

The pair’s latest disagreement appears to stem from Cudi specifically calling out Drake in a series of tweets about “the fake ones” back in September.

Those tweets also specifically namechecked Kanye West, but West appeared this week to side with Cudi. During his ‘Saint Pablo’ tour stop in LA this week, West asked his audience to “sing for Cudi” during the rendition of ‘Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1’, which Kanye wrote with Cudi for his ‘Life of Pablo’ album.