Beyoncé and the worst waxworks of all time

This is the stuff of nightmares

Shout out to the waxwork makers, it’s a tough job. Making a like-for-like, human-sized doppelgänger of famous people, using nothing but gloopy wax, often results in disaster. Madame Tussauds might be one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions, but even some of its best works can be borderline creepy. Any waxwork vaguely resembling a celeb should be classed as successful.

But when waxworks go wrong, they go really wrong. Take the recent unveiling of a Beyoncé waxwork, which has been accused of whitewashing. People online have said the figure looks more like Lindsay Lohan, or Shakira, but definitely not the ‘Lemonade’ star.

Beginning with Beyoncé, below you’ll find the most disastrous waxworks of all time.