Music’s 25 wildest publicity stunts


Super Furry Animals buy a blue tank. Whilst others have spent their £10K marketing budgets on launch parties involving dwarves, goats and stacks of Bolivian marching powder, Welsh surrealists SFA bought an ex-army tank, painted it blue, added a soundsystem and took it around festivals.


KLF’s say farewell with a dead sheep. After opening the ’92 Brit awards with grindcore band Extreme Noise Terror, they left the building pausing only to leave a dead sheep on the steps of the venue with a note saying ‘I DIED FOR YOU’ attached to its coat. Then they quit music and deleted their back catalogue.


Rage Against The Machine protest naked. Tired of getting slammed by the Parents Music Resource Center, Rage protested during 1993’s Lollapalooza. Instead of performing they took they stage naked; covering their mouths with duct tape and painted their bodies with the organization’s acronym ‘PMRC’.



Eminem gets Bruno’d. Sascha Baron Cohen’s camper than camp Bruno landed ass-on-Eminem’s-face at the MTV Movie Awards. Em stormed out and it all looked very real until an MTV head writer confessed that the whole thing was staged.


U2 take over a liquor store. For the video for the band’s ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’, U2 performed the track on the roof of an LA liquor store. Police were called and told the band to shut up shop, which they did.


Madonna releases her Sex book. Celebrating the launch of her Maverick Record label and release of her ‘Erotica’ album, Madonna released the coffee table tome Sex. The book was explicit but perhaps most shockingly thing was that it featured Vanilla Ice.


The Sex Pistols play The Thames. The Pistols took to the river Thames to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, timing it perfectly with the release of their monarchy-bashing single ‘God Save The Queen’.



Red Hot Chili Peppers put socks on their cocks. Red Hot Chili Peppers unveiled their famous dress sense at Woodstock in 1999, while bassist Flea took it one step further and performed starkers.


Goldie Lookin Chain hit up the Houses Of Parliament. Comedy Welsh rappers GLC signed their record contract with EastWest/Must Destroy outside the Houses of Parliament with placards stating ‘Free Terry Waite’, ‘Golf Sale’. Frankly, ‘ROTFL’.


Michael Jackson sails down the Thames. Sony spent 30 million dollars to promote MJ’s ‘HIStory’ album by floating a huge Michael Jackson statue down the Thames. There were a total of nine statues throughout Europe.


Gang Of Four get bloody. The post-punk band sold a box-set of their work which included vials of their own blood, in order to fund the recording of their album ‘Content’. They reached their goal and as of January this year the album was available for download.



Imperial Stars shut down an LA freeway. The band played on top of a bus near Sunset Boulvard, smack in the middle of the freeway and called their set ‘Traffic Jam 101’. Did it work? Well have you heard of them again?