INHEAVEN and Wild Front caused an absolute bloody riot at the NME Lock In last night

There was a mosh pit at NME HQ. Standard.

NME HQ doubles up as a gig venue nowadays, you know, which means that mundane Thursday nights sometimes become absolute rowdfests. Take last night: in association with Estrella Galicia, we invited dream-pop purveyors Wild Front and grunge revivalists INHEAVEN to make a bloody mess of our gaffe, and they did so with near-total disregard for civility and personal space.

The former band, a five-piece from Southhampton, started off as frontman Jack Williams’ solo project, which morphed from a Bon Iver-influenced, folky affair to the hazy, 80s-influenced group that was all up in our earholes last night. Snappily-dressed four-piece INHEAVEN, meanwhile, have emerged from the south London scene that’s given us so many amazing punk-influenced bands of late (HMTLD, Shame and Goat Girl, we’re looking at you).

Anyway, both sets were killer, there was a mosh pit and a stage invasion and, yes, it was all washed down with a few tasty Estrellas. Here’s the pictorial evidence.