Photo Gallery: Glastonbury Festival 2009

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Bruce Springsteen joins fellow New Jersey band The Gaslight Anthem on
the tiny (relative to the Pyramid) John Peel Stage, Saturday June 27.
Singer Brian Fallon later returned the favour, guesting with
Springsteen on the ‘Born In The USA’ track ‘No Surrender’. Pic: WENN


Welcome to the biggest Glastonbury photo gallery on the internet. Keep clicking for over 250 images from the festival, including all the key bands, the backstage celebrities, the nutters covered in mud, and all the weirdest goings-on from the outer limits of the festival.


Dominic West, aka Jimmy McNulty in TV crime drama ‘The Wire’, hangs out backstage at Glastonbury. Inbetween being mobbed by fans, the well-spoken British actor told NME that last night’s headline performance by Neil Young “blew [his] socks off.” Pic: Danny North



Highlights of this year’s festival included Blur’s triumphant Sunday night headline set, Bruce Springsteen’s euphoric (if slightly over-long) Saturday performance, and rousing performances from newer acts such as Florence And The Machine and, in particular, Dizzee Rascal, who drew a colossal crowd to the Pyramid Stage on Saturday.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

Blur close Glastonbury 2009 in spectacular fashion. Topping the bill on the Pyramid Stage on the final night of the festival, the reunited band kicked off with their debut single, ‘She’s So High’. Pic: PA


Podpads – along with yurts, ‘squrts’ and a private camping area – comprise the hospitality accommodation at Glastonbury. The whole area’s been moved up the hill past the John Peel stage this year, to make room for more backstage seating/ligging and a whole new stage ensconced in a mini globe.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Damon Albarn arrived at Glastonbury a day early – Blur don’t play until Sunday – to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the festival. He was spotted backstage hanging out with the comedian Harry Enfield. Pic: PA


Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts hangs out backstage at Glastonbury 2009. Other spots include Jonathan Woodgate, Badly Drawn Boy and The Verve’s Nick McCabe. Pic: PA Photos


Little Boots, aka Blackpool-raised singer-songwriter Victoria Hesketh, was getting a lot of attention from the paparazzi backstage. Her fame definitely seems to be growing.
Pic: Danny North

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O sports a colourful cape as her band takes to the Other Stage at 5pm on Sunday. The singer dedicated ballad ‘Maps’ to Michael Jackson. Pic: PA


Mr Hudson And The Library were one of the first acts on today (June 26th), and Mr Hudson moonwalked across the stage in a tribute to the late Michael Jackson.



“I was in a talent contest when I was a child,” Mr Hudson told an early afternoon crowd on the first day proper of Glastonbury (Friday), “and was asked what I wanted to be. I said I wanted to Michael Jackson”.


The sun sets on Worthy Farm on Thursday June 25th. The forecast for the rest of the weekend is, unsurprisingly, a mix of sunshine and showers.


Fake wayfarers are still de rigeur onsite at an overcast Glastonbury Festival. As are fake wigs, cyber-goth clothes, toplessness and full-on nudity in one case.
Pic: Andy Whitton


Punters gather on the Thursday of Glastonbury (June 25th). The evening was marred by the news of Michael Jackson’s death. He’s not the first star to die on the eve of Glasto though – Hendrix passed away just before the 1970 weekend kicked off.


Glasto fans chill out on some rare dry ground on Thursday (June 25th). The festival hit its stride on Friday, with performances from The Dead Weather, Little Boots, The Horrors, The Streets, The Specials and headliner Neil Young.


131,000 people were on site by 9.30am Friday morning (June 26th), with 1,000 of those having been treated at the medical centre.


The Streets, Jazz World Stage, Friday night. Mike Skinner played a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’, as well as a new song, ‘Trust Me’. In the run-up to the festival, Skinner also made a crop circle of his face on a field overlooking the Glastonbury site.


More fancy dressed punters at Glasto 2009, who no doubt disagree with Nicky Wire’s oft-quoted dismissal of the place (“someone should build a bypass over this shithole”).


In a subtle tribute to Michael Jackson’s passing, Lily Allen wore a white glove for her Pyramid Stage slot at 6.20pm on Friday (June 26th). Her set was attended by a huge crowd, aided no doubt by the appearance of blazing sunshine after a day of dispiriting rain. Pic: Tom Oxley


Crowds trudge onto site. There were reputedly massive traffic problems for arrivals on Wednesday (June 24th), with some punters reporting horrific hold-ups of up to thirteen hours.


Regina Spektor hit the Pyramid Stage at 1.40pm on Friday (June 26th). The legendary stage sees action from The Specials and Neil Young later today. Pic: Andy Whitton


Abba covers band Bjorn Again got the coveted 11am slot on the Pyramid Stage, opening the festival proper. Keep clicking all weekend for the biggest Glastonbury photo gallery you’ll find anywhere. Pic: Tom Martin


A caveman runs riot at Glastonbury 2009, and why the hell not? Pic: Andy Whitton


For the first ever Glastonbury festival in 1970, Michael Eavis had to construct the toilets himself. Now he has twenty two teams patrolling the site, sucking shit out of thousands of facilities.


Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury. The Boss over-ran the curfew set by the local council by nine minutes, racking up a £3000 fine – which organiser Michael Eavis happily offered to pay on his behalf.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day One

Fleet Foxes brought the beardy folk to the Pyramid Stage at 4.40pm on Friday (June 25th).


Some of the 137,500 punters at Glastonbury 2009. This year – thanks to headliners Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Blur and hundreds of others – the festival sold out way in advance. Pic: Tom Martin

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Keith Flint backstage at Glastonbury on Saturday (June 27th). One NME staffer overheard a policeman asking him if he was going to play ‘Fuck The Law’ during The Prodigy’s set. Pic: PA Photos


Punters bare their knickers for the lens. Backstage celeb spots at the festival include Irvine Welsh, Andrew Marr, Russell Grant, perennial favourites the Geldof sisters and Jo Whiley. Pic: Andy Whitton


Jo Whiley poses for the NME photographers backstage on Friday June 26th at Glastonbury 2009. Other celeb spots include Mat Horne and Dominic West, who plays detective Jimmy McNulty on The Wire. Pic: Jo Plimmer

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Springsteen on the Pyramid Stage. The 59-year-old, who has sold 120 million records worldwide, ignored repeated requests for ‘Born In The USA’, instead playing a more thoughtful set that included a cover of the Civil War-era folk standard ‘Hard Times’, penned in 1855.


Mud starts to appear at Worthy Farm. The festival kicked off on Thursday (June 25th) with a 4pm appearance from Maximo Park on the Queens Head Stage – attended by an audience estimated at 60,000 people. The resulting crush forced the gig to be delayed. Pic: Andy Whitton


Some of the backstage artwork at Glastonbury 2009. New features in the artist and industry ligger area include a huge globe stage that saw a performance from a questionable beatboxer on Thursday night, huge wooden chairs and a big elephant. Pic: Jo Plimmer


M Ward – who is sometimes the ‘him’ in the folk duo She And Him, alongside Zooey Deschanel, performs on the Park Stage on Saturday night.


Pants Of Peace – some of the merch available at Glastonbury 2009. Keep clicking to see the entire thing covered from every possible angle. Pic: Jo Plimmer


Some of the futuristic artwork at Glastonbury Festival 2009. The site is peppered with pieces that are erected over the course of the preceding week. Pic: Jo Plimmer


Specials fans fly their flag on Thursday night (June 25th). The band hit the Pyramid Stage tonight (Friday) at 8pm. Pic: Jo Plimmer


He might look like a lunatic, but he’s better prepared than a lot of people on site. Pic: Jo Plimmer


A skateboarder grabs some air at Glastonbury 2009. The fun continues today with headliners across the stages including Neil Young, Bloc Party, Doves, Q-Tip and Ray Davies.


Alison Mosshart, one half of The Dead Weather alongside Jack White, enjoys a smoke during the band’s ‘surprise’ set on the Park Stage on Friday evening. The band aired tracks from their forthcoming album ‘Horehound’, plus covers of tracks by Van Morrison and Bob Dylan. Pic: Andy Whitton


Weird Glasto fact: this year a murder trial in London has been put on hold after one of
the jurors was allowed time out in order to attend this year’s festival. Pic: Jo Plimmer


Michael Eavis happily declared this year’s Glastonbury the best yet (and he might be right). He also paid the £3,000 fine the council charged for Springsteen’s extended set. Pic: Joe Plimmer


You’ll find Glastonbury in the Guinness Book Of Records – in the
juggling section. On 26 June 1984, 826 people – each juggling at least
3 objects – managed to keep 2,478 objects in the air.


A man sells night lights in the market section of the site. You can buy pretty much anything on-site, from camping supplies at Millets to dreamcatchers and Hare Krishna vegan food. Pic: Danny North


Many Glastonbury veterans remember the streaker who bounded onstage
during Elastica’s set in 1995. This was Anthony Genn, later frontman of
The Hours, who explained his behaviour in rueful terms: “I’d taken an
astronomical sum of drugs that would kill most elephants. Any regrets?
I wish, perhaps, my cock hadn’t been so shrivelled.” Pic: Jo Plimmer


A Specials fan gets his face painted on Thursday (June 25th) at Glastonbury 2009. Pic: Danny North


Festival punters drink over 400,000 pints of beer and cider from the official bars alone each year. Pic: Danny North


The View take to the Other Stage on Friday (June 26th) at 3.45pm. They were followed by Friendly Fires, Lady Gaga, The Ting Tings and Bloc Party.


This year’s event is business as usual after the skin-of-the-teeth success of last year. Sluggish ticket sales meant that 2008 was
the first time the festival had failed to turn a profit in 39 years. Pic: Danny North


A market trader offers up grilled chicken at Glastonbury 2009. Culinary options here run from burgers to Mexican, Caribbean, vegan and everything in between. Pic: Danny North


Punters roll their alcohol in to the site on Thursday (June 25th). Pic: Danny North


Glastonbury has been mentioned many times in song – but it’s hardly a
noble tradition. Kula Shaker wrote a song, ‘303’ about the A303 road
(which leads to Glastonbury). Meanwhile, Scouting For Girls and Nizlopi
have both written songs entitled ‘Glastonbury’. Pic: Danny North


Irvine Welsh poses for NME photographers backstage. He said (twice) he was more upset over Farrah Fawcett’s death than Michael Jackson’s because “you have to be more upset by someone you’ve had a wank over”. Pic: Jo PLimmer


The highest official attendance was in the muddy year of 2007, when
177,500 tickets were sold. However, since gathecrashing was common
before the ‘superfence’ was erected in 2002, it’s thought the actual
attendance in the late 90s and early noughties regularly exceeded
250,000. That’s not far shy of the population of Iceland. Pic: Danny North


VV Brown poses for photographers by the backstage elephant on Friday (June 26th) at Glastonbury 2009. Keep clicking for more pictures and head to NME.COM/festivals for live reports and blogs from Worthy Farm.


Glastonbury history: 1987 was the year of the trouser-thieves. Overnight, hundreds of
trousers were stolen from festival-goers’ tents so criminals could pick
their pockets. Pic: Danny North

Lily Allen

Though Emily Eavis now co-organises the festival – and will soon take
over from her dad – she first became known at Glastonbury in 1985, when
she was sent onto the Pyramid Stage, aged six, to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle
Little Star’ on her violin. It went down so well she ended up doing
five encores.


One of the sacred stones at Glastonbury. The stone circle is coordinated with the Summer Solstice, which is the reason the festival is held in the rainy month of June. Pic: Jo Plimmer


Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand reveals his mushroom-shaped camping arrangements to NME. Pic: Tim Cochrane


A Glastonbury reveller gets into the spirit of the event, down the front at the Pyramid Stage. Pic: Jo Plimmer

glastonbury 09

Glasto fact: Christian myths, as well as Arthurian ones, are associated with
Glastonbury. One legend states that Joseph of Arimathea visited
Glastonbury along with Jesus as a child. Years later Joseph supposedly
returned, with the crucified Jesus’ blood in a cup. Pic: Tom Oxley

glastonbury 09

Punters at Glastonbury 2009. 30 megawatts of electricity are used by the festival weekend – around the same as the city of Bath. Pic: Tom Oxley

glastonbury 09

Glastonbury has occasionally been a lawless place. Police officers were not present on site until 1990. Pic: Tom Oxley

glastonbury 09

Jamie Hornsmith from The Rakes chills by one of the sacred stones at Glastonbury 2009. Pic: Tom Oxley

BRITAIN Glastonbury Festival

Dizzee Rascal began his 4.20pm Pyramid Stage set on Saturday (June 27th) in a suit, only to rip it off revealing this T-shirt. The crowd assembled was one of the biggest the site’s seen yet. Pic: PA Photos

glastonbury 09

A festival-goer has his hair done by a suspicious looking barber at Worthy Farm on Friday (June 26th). Pic: Tom oxley

glastonbury 09

Many myths have attached themselves to Glastonbury and the surrounding
area. In the 12th century the monks of Glastonbury Abbey “discovered”
the body of the mythical King Arthur. Pic: Tom Oxley

glastonbury 09

In 2007, 2,485 miles of toilet roll were on site for the opening day. That’s as far as London is from Baghdad. Pic: Tom Oxley

glastonbury 09

Recent Radar star Wolf Gang hangs out at the festival. Get this week’s mag for an interview with the glam-post-punk star. Pic: Tom Oxley


The Specials were one of the first bands to enjoy a sunny set on the Pyramid Stage at this year’s Glastonbury. After a morning of downpours the clouds finally parted as the reformed veterans played classics including ‘Monkey Man’ and ‘Ghost Town’. Singer Terry Hall explained “It’s taken us 28 years to get here.” Pic: Danny North

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

The Black Eyed Peas headline the Jazz World Stage, Sunday night. Co-vocalist Will.I.Am attracted mass booing by repeatedly shouting “What’s up, London?” – Glastonbury is, of course, nowhere near London – although the band got the crowd back onside with a lengthy tribute to Michael Jackson. Pic: PA


A punter in a wedding dress curses the mud at Glastonbury 2009. Most people arrived on Wednesday, enjoying two days of glorious sunshine – right up until the moment the festival actually started, at which point it bucketed it down. Brilliant. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Wellies were out in force on the first day of Glastonbury. Most people had come prepared, bad weather being pretty much par for the course by now. The last non-muddy year was 2003. Pic: Tim Cochrane


The tents stretch to the horizon at Glastonbury 2009. Friday night’s headline act was Neil Young. The Canadian legend, forced to pull out in 1997 after cutting his
finger while making a ham sandwich, played a two-hour plus set
featuring a host of his classic songs including ‘Cinnamon Girl’ and ‘Heart Of Gold’. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Wall-climbing – one of the more outlandish distractions at Glastonbury this year. Pic: Tim Cochrane


A high vantage point on the outer boundary of the Glastonbury site – the perfect spot for watching the sun come up, for those with the stamina to stay up that long. Pic: Tim Cochrane


The notorious Glastonbury toilets. The first ever loos on the site, back in 1970, consisted of scaffolding positioned over a hole, with a hessian drape for privacy. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Noisettes rock the John Peel Stage on Sunday, sandwiched between Ladyhawke and The Wombats. Later that night, Echo And The Bunnymen headlined the stage. Pic: TM


A skateboarder freestyles on a skate park on the 2009 Glastonbury site. Pic: Tim Cochrane


The Other Stage – home this year to performances from The Ting Tings, The Rakes, Mr. Hudson, Friendly Fires, Lady GaGa and Bloc Party, amongst others. Pic: Tim Cochrane


A sand sculpture a Glastonbury 2009. Is the bearded figure a Michael Eavis tribute? Pic: Tim Cochrane


Tipis fill a grassy field – as thousands of tents fill the space running to the horizon. An estimated 137,000 festival goers will stay on the site this year. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Party time. Late night options for those wanting to stay up ’til dawn on Worthy Farm include the already legendary Shangri-La, The Rabbit Hole and a 3D Disco where dancers all wear special glasses Pic: Tim Cochrane


Legendary rocker Neil Young hails the crowd from the Pyramid Stage on Saturday (June 26). The American guitarist dazzled the crowd with a lengthy rendition of ‘Rocking In The Free World’. Pic: Danny North


Inside a “yurt” tent in the posh camping area. Fork out enough cash and sleeping in an Argos tent by the loos becomes a thing of the past. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Metric on The Other Stage, Saturday afternoon. The Toronto-based band recently released their fourth album, ‘Fantasies’. Pic: JP


Any hopes of a mud-free Glastonbury were crushed when stunning thunder and lightning storms filled the skies over the site on Thursday evening. A scorching week of sunshine ended and inches of rain pounded the festival site – much to some punters’ delight. Pic: Danny North


Singer Lady Gaga performs hit single ‘Poker Face’. The song had already been covered at Glastonbury by punk-rockers The Rakes, and featured in Faith No More’s recent set in London. Pic: Guy Eppel


Neil Young keeps on rocking in the free world, Friday night, Pyramid Stage. 12 years after he was forced to pull out of the festival thanks to a ham sandwich injury, Young played a triumphant set, watched by Dominic West aka ‘The Wire”s Jimmy McNulty, who told NME that Young’s set “blew [his] socks off.” Pic: Danny North


Little Boots celebrates a triumphant set on the John Peel stage that pulled a huge crowd – despite being on at the same time as Lily Allen and Friendly Fires. Pic: Danny North


Jack White and Alison Mosshart’s band The Dead Weather played a surprise gig at Glastonbury on Friday (June 26). Jack White takes to the drums in the new four-piece, rather than playing guitar. Pic: Andy Whitton


Alison Mosshart of The Kills in side-project band The Dead Weather. White Stripes head honcho Jack White drums in the new group. Pic: Andy Whitton


Lady Gaga at Glastonbury 2009. The blonde singer once again revealed her fun side as her Glastonbury gig included baring her buttocks and sparks flying from her boobs – obviously to cheers from the crowd. Pic: Guy Eppel

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day One

The Ting Tings have now played Glastonbury three times, on the BBC Introducing Stage in 2007, the John Peel Stage in 2008, and now on The Other Stage. This year the band injected extra fun by playing a record by Aerosmith as well as the Ghostbusters theme. Pic: PA photos


Head over to The Park Stage at Glastonbury and you’ll find this bizarre pink construction. The colourfully-lit tower can be climbed by festival goers and offers a far-reaching view of the festival site. Pic: Tome Oxley


The Park Stage at night: this year home to NME favourites The Horrors, Animal Collective and Golden Silvers, amongst others. Pic: Tom Oxley


Jamie T rocks out at Glastonbury, playing his new ‘Sticks And Stones’ EP. Pic: Tom Oxley


Faris Badwan of The Horrors sports a white jacket in contrast to his band mates’ all-black outfits. The Essex outfit played tracks from dazzling new album ‘Primary Colours’.


The Horrors watch the sun go down from The Park Stage. The Beach Boys-inspired Animal Collective followed and ended the night on the stage.


American folk-rockers Animal Collective end Saturday night at Glastonbury in the intimate setting of The Park Stage. Pic: Tom Oxley


Q-Tip headlined the Jazz World stage on Friday night (June 26th) at 11pm. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Crowds gather for the Specials’ Pyramid Stage slot on Friday night (June 26th). The ska legends played a hit-packed set from 8pm ahead of Neil Young.


One entrepreneur shows considerable commerical nous (but perhaps less tact) by turning this T-shirt around within 24 hours. Pic: Tom Martin

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

VV Brown opened the Pyramid Stage at 11am on Saturday (June 27th). Pic: PA Photos


Glasto fans cheer the arrival of the sun on Friday night (June 26th). The festival continues today (Saturday), with headline performances from Bruce Springsteen, Franz Ferdinand and Jarvis Cocker.


Shangri-La on Friday night (June 26th). The area – along with the Dance Arena – comprises most of the late night action.


The vegetable garden in the Greenpeace area has a variety of fresh vegetables for picking – and even a Post Office. Pic: Tom Martin


A huge queue forms for the Orange Chill And Charge tent, which offers charging points, live music and much-needed comfy couches. Pic: Tom Martin


Eagles Of Death Metal on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday lunchtime (June 27). Frontman Jesse Hughes, who was watched from the side of the stage by his mum, admitted to being “terrified” of playing before spoof rock legends Spinal Tap. Pic: Andy Willsher


Glastonbury has its own university this year, the Glastonbury Free University, which provides a loose timetable of spoken word events and public debates. Pic: Tom Martin

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

Tony Christie also played a few old standards, including Andy Williams’ ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ and The Righteous Brothers’ ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’. Pic: PA

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

A Greenpeace demonstration gathers at Glastonbury, Saturday June 27. As ever, charity campaigners are out in force at the festival. Most visible of all is Oxfam, who have encouraged thousands of revellers to paint their faces blue in a bid to draw attention to climate change. Pic: PA


A Glastonbury reveller heads for the dance area, Saturday June 27. The Dance Village first opened in 1995, and now comprises six stages. It holds a massive 20,000 people and hosts the Silent Disco as well as DJs 24 hours a day. Pic: Tom Martin


The Big Pink, John Peel Stage, Saturday June 27. The nu-shoegazers played a typically dark and dirgey set, in sharp contrast to the blazing sunshine beating down outside the tent. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Night falls on The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury during Neil Young’s headline set, which was witnessed by Dominic West, who plays Jimmy McNulty in ‘The Wire’. Afterwards, West told NME that Young’s set “blew [his] socks off.”. Pic: Tim Cochrane


As the headline acts wind up, the hordes head off for the further reaches of the Glastonbury site. Shangri-La and Trash City were the most popular destinations, although given the sheer size of the site it can take as long as an hour to get there from the Pyramid Stage. Pic: Tim Cochrane

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Jamie Cullum arrives onsite, Saturday June 27. In addition to playing the Jazz World Stage, the jazz crooner – who is a Glastonbury regular, having been here many times as a punter before finding fame – also made a guest appearance onstage with Spinal Tap. Pic: PA


Bombay Bicycle Club hit the Park Stage at 1pm on Saturday (June 27th). The action continues tonight with Franz Ferdinand, Jarvis Cocker and Bruce Springsteen. Pic: Danny North

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Peter Doherty took to the Other Stage today (Saturday) at 4.50pm. Pic: PA Photos.


White Lies pose backstage at Glastonbury on Saturday (27th). They’re due to play the John Peel tent at 9.30pm tonight (Saturday). Pic: Danny North


Shangri-La on Friday night. The area was massively-oversubscribed, and thousands of punters were blocked into the disused railway line that feeds the zone. Pic: Danny North


Jarvis Cocker and a coterie of voluptuous ladies joined Spinal Tap for a rendition of ‘Big Bottom’, which closed their set. Pic: Danny North

Temper Trap

The Temper Trap played a relatively flat gig at Glastonbury on Saturday (June 27th). Pic: Tom Oxley


One of the festival’s numerous toilets. Luckily, there haven’t been any faeces-based catastophes this year. In 1997, the Dance Tent was splattered in shit after a muck-sucking lorry accidentally had its nozzle set to “blow”. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Emily Eavis relaxes on site at Glastonbury 2009. For more pictures of the event as it happens this weekend, keep clicking. pic: Tim Cochrane


The Script hit Glastonbury on Saturday (June 27th). The second day of the festival proper has seen some blazing sunshine as well as a typically eclectic bill including everyone from Crosby, Stills And Nash to Dizzee Rascal, La Roux and Spinal Tap. Pic: Tom Martin


Tinchy Stryder hit the Dance East Stage at 4.15pm on Saturday. The stage has also seen action from Wiley and Eric Prydz and is hosting 2 Many DJs later tonight. Pic: Tom Martin


Tinchy Stryder backstage at Glastonbury. Celeb spots from the backstage area now include The Wire’s Jimmy McNulty, Badly Drawn Boy and fashion designer Henry Holland. Pic: Tom Martin

Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal played a selection of Jacko hits during his set in tribute to the later singer, including ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat It’. Pic: Tom Oxley


Blur headline the Pyramid Stage, Sunday night. The band were joined by extra musicians, including brass and backing singers, at various points throughout the set, with ’13’ tracks ‘Trimm Trabb’ and ‘Tender’ particularly benefiting from the enhanced arrangements.


Klaxons dressed as conservatively as ever during their ‘surprise’ Saturday night show. Edward Scissorhands, the Tin Man, a headless person and a joker kicked off with ‘Atlantis To Interzone’ (twice) and ran through three new tracks during the set. Pic: Tom Oxley


The Pyramid Stage shortly before Crosby, Stills And Nash played. Saturday has seen Worthy Farm bask in bright sunshine and unusual heat. Pic: Tim Cochrane


By the end of the festival, 54 tonnes of cans and plastic bottles will have been recycled. Pic: Tim Cochrane

Dizzee Rascal

As well as playing tribute to Michael Jackson, Dizzee Rascal covered The Ting TIngs and also rapped over MIA’s ‘Paper Planes’. He played the Pyramid Stage at 4.20pm on Saturday (June 27th). Pic: Tom Oxley


A Jack Sparrow impersonator backstage at the festival. He was later seen heckling The Prodigy’s Keith Flint as they arrived. Pic: Tim Cochrane


Glastonbury 2009. T.Rex headlined the first ever festival in 1970, alongside acts including Stackridge and Al Stewart. Pic: Tim Cochrane

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Jarvis Cocker’s headline set on Saturday (June 27th) was an eventful affair. A man made it onto the stage to scream into the microphone “if it wasn’t for this man, Britpop would have been shit”. Pic: PA Photos

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Crosby, Stills And Nash played a stunning set as the sun went down over the Pyramid Stage, including covers of The Rolling Stones, Buffalo Springfield, and The Grateful Dead.


Peter Doherty at Glastonbury 2009. During his set on the Other Stage he covered Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’. Pic: Guy Eppel


Kasabian played a hit-packed set to a huge crowd on Saturday night (June 27th). Pic: Andy Whitton

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Bruce Springsteen played a huge set on Saturday night (June 27th). which lasted for two and a half hours and culminated in ‘Born To Run’ followed by an encore of several tracks including ‘Thunder Road’ and ‘Dancing In The Dark’. Pic: PA Photos


A pink Spiderman strikes a pose near the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday (June 27th). Pic: Danny North


Some early afternoon ravers at the Dance Village on Saturday. Pic: Danny North


The Dance Village is massive this year, and has hosted sets from the likes of 2 Many DJs, Filthy Dukes, hotly-tipped Deadmau5 and even pop survivors East 17. Pic: Danny North


Tonight’s highlights on the dance stages include Calvin Harris, Peaches and – ahem – Jodie Harsh. Pic: Danny North


Crowds at the Dance East stage on Saturday. The Glasto action continues today with headline sets from Blur, The Prodigy, Echo And The Bunnymen and The Black Eyed Peas. Pic: Danny North


Kerazy Bananaman and his long-suffering buddies busk in the afternoon heat on the Saturday of Glastonbury 2009. Pic: Danny North

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Spinal Tap backstage at Glasto. The comedy rock legends played a well-attended set in the afternoon, which included an inflatable Stonehenge, dancing midgets and an appearance from Jarvis. Pic: PA Photos


Florence And The Machine played to one of the John Peel Stage’s biggest crowds on Saturday (June 27th), and ran through the majority of her recent album ‘Lungs’, including ‘Dog Days Are Over’ and ‘You Got The Love’. Pic: Danny North


Klaxons surprise Saturday show was a hit-packed affair with the likes of ‘Golden Skans’, ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ and ‘It’s Not Over Yet’ drawing a rapturous response from the packed out tent.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

Bruce Springsteen headlined Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage on Saturday night, after a surprise appearance with The Gaslight Anthem. He also honoured Joe Strummer during his set by opening with an solo rendition of Strummer’s ‘Coma Girl’. Pic: PA Photos


Pendulum’s Rob Swine meets his fans at the Other Stage on Saturday night (June 27th). He declared Glastonbury “the best festival in the world”. Pic: Danny North


Afrika Express played a lengthy, improvisational set at around 2pm. A large crowd patiently sat through it, largely thanks to a rumour that Damon Albarn would be joining them on stage. He didn’t. Pic: Tom Martin


Ezra Bang And Hot Machine play the second of two performances at Glastonbury, Saturday June 27. Scott Wright, who blogs for NME and Pinglewood, desribed the New York and London-based act as “a monster made from the shreds and scraps of old rap, welded together and mounted on a stack of thrashed and trashed synthesizers.” Pic: Danny North


The crowd goes mental for Pendulum on The Other Stage, Saturday June 27. Pic: GE


A dazzling light show accompanies Franz Ferdinand’s headline set on The Other Stage on Saturday night. ‘Lucid Dreams’, from recent album ‘Tonight: With Franz Ferdinand’, went down particularly well. Pic: JP


Maximo Park’s Paul Smith relaxes backstage ahead of his band’s set on the Other Stage on Saturday. It was Maximo Park’s second gig of the weekend, having also appeared on the Queen’s Head Stage on Thursday, drawing a huge crowd. Pic: JP


Model Daisy Lowe and boyfriend Will Cameron pose for NME’s photographer shortly after arriving in the backstage hospitality area. Pic: JP


Florence Welch enjoys the backstage hospitality ahead of her Saturday night slot on the John Peel Stage. Her cover of Candi Staton’s ‘You Got The Love’ was many people’s highlight of the weekend so far. Pic: JP

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day One

One of thousands of eccentrically dressed party people at Glastonbury 2009. Common themes this year included brightly-coloured Spidermen, wedding dresses, and of course the ever-present luminous tutus. Pic: PA photos

Britain Glastonbury Festival Cocker

Jarvis Cocker on The John Peel Stage, Saturday night. The former Pulp man was busy over the weekend, appearing onstage with Spinal Tap and Shlomo. Pic: PA


A ‘make a wish’ display, near the Park Stage. Many people must have wished for the rain to stop, because after Friday lunchtime the weather was warm and dry. Pic: Tom Martin


Late-night revellers embrace the madness of Saturday night at Glastonbury, traditionally the most debauched night of all. Pic: Tim Cochrane


The crazies come out of the woodwork at Trash City, a futuristic performance art/cabaret area which one wag from Q magazine described as “a cross between Blade Runner and Grimsby docks.”


Bon Iver goes head to head with Bruce Springsteen. While The Boss was playing his epic set on the Pyramid, Justin Vernon was playing to a smaller, but no less enraptured, audience on the distant Park Stage.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

We suspect this may not be an official branch of Marks And Spencer.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Two

The Pyramid Stage crowd basks in sunshine on Saturday afternoon, shortly before Dizzee Rascal’s well-attended set.


The Pyramid Stage crowd goes wild for Bruce Springsteen. Many fair-weather Bruce fans found the set over-long at almost three hours – but a climactic salvo of ‘Glory Days’, ‘Thunder Road’ and ‘Dancing In The Dark’ ensured a dramatic, crowd-pleasing finish.


An explosion of multi-coloured flags greet Bruce Springsteen on the Pyramid Stage. In a nod to Glastonbury lore, the veteran rocker opened with a cover of Joe Strummer’s track ‘Coma Girl’, which was originally inspired by the festival.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day One

The sun sets on Glastonbury, Saturday June 27.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day One

Even after two days of sunshine, there was still plenty of mud onsite, enabling these nutters to have a dreck-spattered wrestling match, to the amusement of onlookers.

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

Status Quo on the Pyramid Stage on Sunday, a day dominated by veteran acts. Prior to the festival guitarist Rick Parfitt enraged Glastonbury enthusiasts by declaring the festival “second rate” and “just another festival.” Pic: PA

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

Playing on the Pyramid Stage, crooner Tony Christie surprised the crowd with some modern cover versions. In addition to his best known hit, ‘Is This The Way To Amarillo’, Christie also played songs written by fellow Sheffield musicians, Jarvis Cocker and Richard Hawley. Pic: PA

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

“Wow, there’s a lot of people here,” shouted Damon Albarn from the stage, before launching into ‘Girls And Boys’. Pic: PA

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

Blur headline Glastonbury. “I came here yesterday really early in the morning, it seems like there’s a positive atmosphere,” declared ahead of ‘There’s No Other Way’, before cryptically adding, “That’s what I want to say about something else, let’s keep it positive!” Pic: Danny North


Blur at Glastonbury. “I’m enjoying this,” declared Damon Albarn midway through the set. “Thank you!” The feeling was clearly mutual, with the crowd singing along to practically ever song, although Number One single ‘Country House’ drew especially loud applause from the crowd.


Noisettes vocalist Shingai Shoniwa takes a breather during the band’s Glastonbury set. In addition to covering The Killers’ ‘When You Were Young’ and T-Rex’s ‘Children Of The Revolution’, Shoniwa also sang an a capella version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Ben’. Pic: TM

Glastonbury Festival 2009 – Day Three

Glasvegas perform on the Other Stage, Sunday night. “You gonna have a fucking good time here Glastonbury?” asked frontman James Allan, before playing opener ‘Geraldine’. Pic: PA


Tom Jones rolls out the hits at Glastonbury, Sunday June 28. In addition to the predictable favourites such as ‘It’s Not Unusual’, the veteran crooner surprised the crowd with a cover of ‘Unbelievable’ by 90s electro-rockers EMF. Pic: TM


The Prodigy headline The Other Stage, Sunday June 28. “Where the fuck’s Glastonbury?” yelled vocalist Maxim as the band bounced on stage and launched into opener ‘World’s On Fire’, one of the many songs performed from the band’s recent album ‘Invaders Must Die’. Pic: TM


Glastonbury in full swing, Sunday June 28. The major talking point of the day was the man with the jet-pack who kept flying over the Pyramid Stage, distracting the bands and delighting onlookers.


Amazingly, some people still had the energy to go out raving on Sunday night, despite having been onsite, in most cases, since Wednesday.


Tipis – a pleasant way to ‘do’ Glastonbury’, but also an expensive one: they cost several hundred pounds to hire for the weekend. Pic: JP


Believe it or not, this kind of food actually looks delicious when you’re hung over and haven’t showered in a week.


Party people soak up the anything-goes vibe at Glastonbury. The sunny weather encouraged a large number of people to wear fancy-dress. Pic: Jo Plimmer


A bloke with ridiculous headgear wanders round with his shirt off. As well he might. Pic: AW


Heads on sticks at Glastonbury, Sunday June 28. Pic: Anday Willsher


A bloke in a green latex costume gets to grips with a giant flower – a typical Glastonbury scene. Pic: Jo Plimmer


A sellout crowd of almost 150,000 flocked to Glastonbury this year – and judging by the queues on Sunday afternoon, very few decided to leave early.


Danger Mouse chills out ahead of The Wonder Stuff’s set on the Avalon Stage, Saturday June 27. Pic: Jo Plimmer


The Horrors’ Faris Badwin got his T-shirt ripped to shreds at their
Glastonbury performance today (June 24). The band played a raucous set
on the John Peel stage which saw Badwin jump into the crowd during ‘She
Is The New Thing’ and got mauled by fans. Pic: Andy Whitton


The Big Pink play a Saturday lunchtime set on the John Peel Stage. Their dark, atmospheric set was somewhat incongruous in the blazing sunshine, but the tent was nonetheless packed with hipsters. Tim Cochrane


The Specials bring the house down on Friday evening on the Pyramid Stage. IN addition to doling out hits such as ‘Too Much Too Young’, the reformed ska legends raised a cheer by slagging off the BNP. Pic: Danny North

eaglaes_death_metal glasto09_AWH_022

Eagles Of Death Metal, Pyramid Stage, Saturday lunchtime. Frontman Jessie Hughes, who was watched from the side of the stage by his mum, confessed to being “scared to death” at having to precede Spinal Tap on the vast Glastonbury stage. Pic: Andy Whitton


Esser made his Glastonbury debut on the John Peel Stage on Saturday afternoon. The be-quiffed London singer-songwriter, fronting his five-piece set-up wearing a black and sparkly jacket, began the show bashing a floor tom before taking to the front of the stage to sing ‘This Time Around’. Pic: Andy Whitton


Bombay Bicycle Club play the second of three gigs at Glastonbury 2009. The north London, who share their name with a Clapham curry house, played the Guardian Lounge on Friday, the Park Stage on Saturday, and the Queen’s Head on Sunday. Pic: Danny North

Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal on the Pyramid Stage, Saturday afternoon. The grime star-turned-mainstream pop star went down a storm, performing a Michael Jackson medley, including ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Thriller’, as well as a brand new track, ‘Road Rage’, which will be his next single. Pic: Tom Oxley