Photographer Richard Young Shares Exclusive Shots Of Freddie Mercury To Honour His 70th Birthday

Photographer Richard Young was granted intimate access to late Queen star Freddie Mercury after they met in 1978. In a new exhibition, which coincides with what would have been the singer’s 70th birthday, iconic and intimate shots show the legend on and off stage. A Kind Of Magic runs from September 6 to November 5 at the Richard Young Gallery in London.


Thousands of fans soak up Mercury’s star power in Budapest in 1986.


This photo from 1986 shows the Queen leader ready to head out to stage, walking through the backstage area of Budapest’s Népastadion during the Magic tour.


Mercury seemingly found Sleep’s antics highly amusing, while John looks like he’s doing his best to stifle a laugh.



Mercury and bandmate Roger Taylor in good spirits backstage after their show at Népastadion.